A generation of Smartphones and dumb people

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Gone are the days when the encyclopaedia or dictionary were the sole sources of information. With the advent of the internet it has become very easy to get information immediately with latest news only several clicks away.

This is mostly an advantage as we are able to be more productive, up to date and informed, as opposed to the days where aged encyclopaedias were the closest things to defining unknown terms.

Alas, the dangers of being connected and being constantly informed is mind blowing. The ability to multi-task on the internet is more damaging to our long term memory.

The non-stop train called the internet, mixed with constant updates from social networks and breaking news alerts make you get accustomed to skimming information. Constant and regular interruptions teach our brains to skim. As such, most times we mash up trivia and points in a post all in an effort to skim by the brain.

In as much as the internet is this vast place where there are practically no boundaries, we should savour our offline time and use the time to read more traditional blogs like actual books :-), Enjoy!


  1. Hehe, Emma. Are you saying that we should go back to the stone age? Apart from a very few Medical text which I can’t find their counterpart as a digital copy, I haven’t seen the need to read traditional paper books for a long time.

    I read e-copies of textbooks, novels etc. I google a lot. And I take time to offline conversation a lot.

    But to go back to the stone age? Smh. :S

  2. I guess Emmanuel is just warning us of the dangers in information overload. It has its negatives and positives.

    Any tool, powerful or not, can easily be misused, like the WWW.

    I opine that the positives transcend the negatives, though.

    The ability to multi-task on the internet is more damaging to our long term memory.

    Hmm. there is evidence to suggest that being exposed to various kinds of stimuli actually stimulate the brain synapses and keep our minds sharper for longer.

    Babies raised in stimulating environments tend to have higher emotional and intelligence Quotients than babies not SO raised.

    we can therefore logically extrapolate that the level of ntelligence, worldwide, should be higher than in the more technologically backward olden days..;~)

  3. Fact is that there is such a thing as information overload and over-stimulation, even babies and children. By the same token stories have proven that children who deal mostly with technology have poorer interactive skills when it comes to social i.e. human interaction.

    So yes Emmanuel you are right, sometimes we need to step away from the pc and phone and enjoy some of what the real world has to offer us, including face-to-face human interaction and reading physical books.

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