Microsoft has been real busy the past one year in re-shuffling and in the re-arrangement/rebuilding of different aspects of their services/software. This is evident with

A look at Microsoft's Mobile Master Plan

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Microsoft has been real busy the past one year in re-shuffling and in the re-arrangement/rebuilding of different aspects of their services/software. This is evident with the latest iteration of their mobile operating system, Windows Phone that was re-written from the ground up to be more intuitive and user friendly. Plus, Windows Phone 7 (WP7) also has a very clean and minimalistic user interface.

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When Microsoft and Nokia struck the deal for the Finnish phone maker to make WP7 phones, many people (myself included) thought that it was a very foolish move by Nokia.

The reason behind this was that Nokia had lost its place as the Number one mobile smartphone operating system and it needed something to boost its position both in North America and Globally. The logical move thought by most people (myself included, again) was that Nokia was finally going to take up Android.

I couldn’t understand the big picture then but when I look at the recent unveiling of Windows 8 (or whatever its going to be called) by Microsoft, I realized that Microsoft was moving toward the Cloud and with the tablet-like interface that the Windows 8 Metro UI runs, the integration with Windows Phone 7 was going to help Microsoft in their mobile division.

A major problem that has hindered WP7 sales is that most of the devices that it runs on which are manufactured by Samsung, HTC and others are pretty expensive. This is where Nokia comes in.

If Nokia can make a Windows phone that is both cheap without skimping on functionality, that is the perfect combination for the spreading of the gospel of Windows Phone. Add the fact that among phone manufacturers worldwide Nokia has the greatest mobile market penetration worldwide.

In conclusion, the simplicity of WP7 and market reach of Nokia combined with the release of Windows 8 makes me wonder if Android and iOS should not be watching their backs. It may not be an immediate catch-up but with time Windows Phone will displace Blackberry to become one of the top three mobile OSes alongside Android and iOS.

  1. Am beginning to see positives in the nokia WP7 thing. Symbian will not be here forever. Although there are always gonna be compromises by nokia and its a bold step that might backfire but lets wait and see! Time will tell

  2. Watching events keenly as they unfold. My money is on WinNok. (hardware + software) KnowHow = Unstoppable Gale..

  3. Exactly what i told one of my friends. Nokia has always lacked the ability to make the best of software and UI, they try but still (Symbian) though Belle is a good step in the right direction it might be too little too late (sort of).

  4. Windows 8 has made a convert out of me. If Microsoft can port their DESKtop OS on a tablet and make it as sleek as the usual “modern” tablets yet as versatile as a full Desktop OS, THEN THERE’S no option but to shift. To take the plunge and move to Windows and jettison the iPad.

    If Windows 8 is well hyped among developers as it is presently and also develops a good following among consumers, then you don’t need to be a Rocket Scientist to appreciate that Nokia’s Wndows phone 7/8 phones may become a resounding success when they come!

  5. when I first saw a demonstration of the metro UI on the zune, I knew Microsoft was onto something. Nokia adoption of WP7 brought joys to my heart. And the demonstration of the Windows 8 at BUILD conference did win me over completely. I was looking to procure a netbook next month but right now, I willing to continue using my old laptop and wait for a windows8 tablet running on ARM.

  6. I also thought Nokia had made a very bad move until i heard Nokia CEO explain why they choose WP7. Product differentiation is what they were looking for, something Android wasn’t going to give them. Any Nokia device was going to be just like any other android phone.

    Another thing that convinced me that Nokia made a great decision was WP7 Mango, I have tested Mango for a month and its awesome. Its a great improvement from the previous wp7. Its an OS you can relate to Nokia, simple to use and works out of the box.

  7. WindowsPhone 7.5 aka Mango is one of the most stable OS I have experienced so far…the metro minimalist UI is such a departure from the clutter of Droid and iOs. The deep integration of social platform such as Facebook, twitter and linkedIn is a pure bliss and multitasking is fantastic compared to nodo.

    Mind you I ported Mango to a device that wasn’t built for it-HTC HD2 and the union was like a match made in heaven except for eternal battery drain…

    Overall this is one mobile ecosystem that should give Android and iOS a run for their money and Nokia is critical to that SUCCESS!

  8. Hmmm… Well, guess I thought wrong of Nokia (who always standout from other mobile devices).. Can’t wait to get my hands on the WP7 OS

  9. All this goes to show that blogs, forums ve the power of swaying people’s mind.
    Pls write another article and title it “why Nokia’s new partnership is bound to fail”….And watch out for the reaction only this time some are already forewarned.
    There is definitely POWER in the pen……..

  10. The windows 8 got me hooked too after viewing the review. The initial launch of WP7 didn’t leave much to desire, especially when the left out a crucial function, copy and paste. But with all the added function from the updates , the new look and integration of windows 8, the playing field is bound to change.

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