There has been a lot of noise about mobile maps and navigational aids of recent – plus there seems to be a face-off between Garmap

A Look at Nokia Maps 3.0

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There has been a lot of noise about mobile maps and navigational aids of recent – plus there seems to be a face-off between Garmap for mobile and Nokia Maps here in Nigeria.

Yesterday, I gave Nokia Maps a go on the E75 QWERTY smartphone. The version that came built-in on the phone is pretty useless, offering very little besides major highways. What I did was initiate an upgrade to Nokia Maps 3.0 via PC.

The Nokia Maps Updater is available for download to PC at I installed the application, connected the E75 to PC via USB cable and initiated the update.

In a few minutes, I had Nokia Maps 3.0 on the smartphone. Apparently, the service is no longer restricted to just the E71 and the Navigator series.

Things Get Better…
Nokia Maps 3.0 has more detailed maps and features for Nigeria. The application presents a signifacant level of street names and directions. Other features include:

  • 3D maps
  • My location
  • Traffic info
  • Map/Satellite/Terrain modes
  • Favourites
  • History
  • Map Screenshot (allows you to take screenshots of the map on the screen)
  • Search places and addresses i.e. points of interests
  • Voice Guidance

Here are screenshots of various locations in Lagos:

3D view of Jibowu Intersection at Yaba
3D view of Jibowu Intersection at Yaba

Search results for airport/helipad facilities in Lagos
Search results for airport/helipad facilities in Lagos

3D view of OAS helicopter Services at Maryland, Ikeja
3D view of OAS helicopter Services at Maryland, Ikeja

Adekunle Intersection of the 3rd mainland Bridge
Adekunle Intersection of the 3rd mainland Bridge

The Nokia Maps 3.0 on the E75 comes with a free 30-day licence. I need to verify the licence information please.

I’ll be sure to try out the Drive & Walk feature with voice guidance over the next one month and do a mini-review thereafter.

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  1. I am running it right now and it seem to be up to scratch. I think I’ll even spring for a turn by turn licence when I’m done evaluating it. There are some mistakes with street names but I guess that is to be expected.

  2. Not bad. . Now if only Nokia Nigeria encouraged mobile software development;nigerians would really exploit its potential via “Ovi: App’s on Maps”.

  3. Why a mini-review? We want a FULL review! 😀
    After reading your post about Nokia 3.0 Maps, I’d upgrade my Nokia E71 this morning cos the map on the current one is very very dry.

  4. Oluniyi, I specified ‘mini review’ because I doubt that I can exhaust the majority of features on the application in such a brief period of time.

    Still, I’ll give it a try.

    Can you let us know how Nokia Maps is on the E71? Any significant difference from what I presented above?

  5. Finally i managed to install nokia maps 3.0 on my N82. Its truly an awesome feature kudos to nokia. I’ve used this extensively in lagos and ibadan to find my way around. Although the drive to / walk to feature requires licenses. What i dont really like is the switching between North and Route positions. I would rather the maps always align to the current route direction.

  6. Sadly, it doesn’t seem Nokia Nigeria has a localized nigerian site,where people can submit feedback on things such as Nokia maps.
    And when will someone tell them that Nokia is neither the first or second mobile navigation map in naija ? – it’s very Annoying hearing it everyday on the radio !

  7. soul, I am certain that Nokia is aware that their Maps is not the first (or second) mobile nav application in Nigeria. I also remember that this fact was mentioned here on MobiNaija when the news first broke.

    Perhaps Nokia’s PR guys are determined to carry on the legacies of politicians – lie your way through the public’s hearts!

    Like you said, it is annoying hearing the lie parroted daily.

  8. Yep. 🙄 and Funnily enough.. its very likely the public will actually believe every word they say.

    Maybe someone should press charges for ‘misinforming the general public’ 😈

    Though, garmap and others,have their loyal customers, and as long as profit doesn’t drop, Nokia maps isn’t a worthy threat 😆

  9. Nokia maps is a very limited one……..try GARMIN MOBILE XT……………it’s beta in Nigeria

  10. U guys are wonderful! Yomi,i got lock out mid way while trying to download nokia map on my nokia do i go about it,i reall need it on my device

  11. Orji, when you say you got locked out, what do you mean? Please give details of what you did and what error message (s) you got.

  12. I successful downloaded it to my p.c using the link you give but i cant install it to my phone. Does it have a different versions for different nokia phones?

  13. can I ask how much space you had left on you r memory card before you were able to download the maps? I use a 1gig card and the process keeps getting interrupted – tho there’s like 400meg free. I’ll really appreciate it, Yomi, if you can copy out your “cities” folder, upload it to some free uploading site and post the link. I really could use a handy map of lagos. BTW, I use the e63 that has got maps 3.0 installed.

  14. brine,

    I have since moved on from the Nokia E75 and have no other Symbian-powered Nokia to play around with. As such, there is no way to verify memory card usage of this application.

    But 400mb sounds large enough. In comparison, Garmap takes up only 200mb, which by the way is an excellent alternative.

  15. Hey,Plz does nokia map locates all d states n naija,how do they charge for usage,is it credit on phone,then how do Garmap works?Plz help send to ma mail box.Tnx

  16. can you pls make available detailed map of each of the 36 states of nigeria with names and directions of every streets?

    Thank You.

    Inumah Oshiomhele Richard.

  17. please, i try to load my ovi map on my nokia e71 but keeps saying search no found when i am offline… What do i do?

  18. been looking for the free 30 days trial licence for the nokia map, but cant seem to get it…can anyone send it or tell me where its got? definitely not on the nokia site cos av been there and the page keeps refreshing forever

  19. Chudi, if u are in Lagos, head to the Nokia Care Centre or Slot phone shop. They are both located in Computer Village, Ikeja. U will meet Nokia representatives there. They will transfer the maps to ur phone and also activate the 30-day trial licence for u.

  20. I have a Nokia N900 and I have been using it for some months now, I have really enjoyed using the ovi maps on the device but without voice guidance, I tried downloading the latest version for N900 and showed on my device that ts about 380mb and as maemo devices would have it you can not download from your Pc and install to your maemo device, if any one has a clue please let me know cos I am getting confused downloading such a big file with my bandwidth almost getting exhausted, if I try downloading it might cut off half way based on the instability of our network.

    So if any one has any other alternative please tell me

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