My Dad just got a spanking new Nokia 6760 Slide and since I am the family tech guru, he has asked me to help him

A look at the Nokia 6760 Slide

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My Dad just got a spanking new Nokia 6760 Slide and since I am the family tech guru, he has asked me to help him setup a few things on the device. As such, I have the 6760 till tomorrow, or at the most till Tuesday morning.

6760 Slide

Don’t expect this to be a comprehensive review, as 24 hours is not adequate for that. One thing though, if there is anything that you’d like me to try out on the device, or something you’ll like to know about it, fire off your questions in the comments section. Remember: I’ve got this phone only for about 24 hours.


The 6760 Slide is a slide-out QWERTY-keyboard smartphone powered by Symbian S60 3rd Edition. It has a 320 x 240 pixels, 2.4 inch display. It is HSDPA enabled and sports a 3.2 mega-pixel camera but without a flash.

Its casing is good quality plastic, and the silver edge gives it a touch of class. The keys on the QWERTY keyboard are large, give a re-assuring click when pushed and are easy to use. The 6760 keyboard is now rated by me next to that on the E90.

Besides the keyboard and navigation keys, there are three dedicated hardware keys for the web browser, menu, and messaging. Neat.

dedicated keys

Pre-installed is the standard fare S60 Web browser. Its capabilities are well known, and there are no surprises there.

web browser

Also pre-installed is QuickOffice for office documents viewing and editing. However, launching the application and attempting to create a document returns a message that there is no licence for the feature, and a prompt to purchase one. If all you want to do is view/read documents and have no intention of editing documents, don’t bother purchasing a licence: you are good.

quickoffice license

I had Dad’s IMAP mail setup in no time and connecting to the server to download mails. I will setup my Gmail account and see how it behaves in the next 24 hours (I have done some archiving to see if that solves the Gmail on S60 issues that I have faced for some time now).

In all, the Nokia 6760 Slide feels good in the hands, looks good too, and seems to do what the manual says it should.

Ask away any questions that you may have!

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  1. I guess I’m very lucky to have read this at this time. I’m also kind of like the tech guru in my family (I learn from masters like you) and my dad wants this phone in other to make video calls. I have checked the specs online and I read that it has a secondary camera (which I could not see from the picture that was returned). Please help me confirm whether it can make video calls cause that’s just about all my dad wants it for. Thank you for this opportunity to have you help me.

  2. Thanks Yom for sneaking out to review your dad’s phone. Now that you mention quickoffice, you tell us if this phone has adobe reader pre installed (full version not trial as we have in 5800.

  3. I’ve no question to ask. . . The phone is tight, but wouldn’t get one cos it got no wifi.

  4. Ebimobowei,

    Though Computer says the phone does video calls, I am yet to find a way to initiate one. It may just be me (and I don’t have the manual with me), but there does not seem to be a front-facing camera here.

    @Computer: Kindly help!

  5. deoladoctor,

    There is Adobe Reader LE 1.5.0 pre-installed. There is no indication that it is a trial version.

    However, under QuickOffice’s New Versions and Features is a listing for Adobe Reader LE 2.5 free evaluation copy. Clicking through that, I got a page that said to upgrade my Adobe Reader LE today. Then it says “Available license: Free”.

    I tried downloading but Glo 3.5G is messing up bad. Will see if I can still get it done and give you feedback.

  6. @Yom i wouldn’t bother downloading if i were you. You’ll oonly end up getting evaluation copy that wkll work for onlu 7 days. Sorry for errors in my write up. Am using samsung b3410 & the hardware qwerty is a real pain to use. It a minus for an already minus phone.

  7. @Yom, was going to mention to you that the license is free, but I see you’ve already discovered that.

  8. @deoladoctor, @Dayo,

    I did download the Adobe Reader LE 2.5 and as deoladoctor said, it was a 7-day evaluation copy. Uninstalled right away.

    The pre-installed LE 1.5 seems totally free though, so no scrubs.

    PS: @deoladoctor: I can imagine your ordeal with the B3410. First time I saw it, I knew it wasn’t something I’d make mine. Care to write a review? 🙂

  9. Hi Yomi, I also use a s60 v3 nokia phone (not 6760). I haven’t observered any problem with my gmail account. Since I got the phone I have been unable to access my yahoo mail, Could it be a problem with my account setup? I setup the gmail account my self.

  10. The phone looks good. Fairly nice specs. My gripe with it is the screen. It is too small for a phone with QWERTY keyboard. It was as if Nokia were still making up their mind and not yet sure whether to make it with a slider Qwerty or an ordinary bar phone. That said, if you must get a Nokia Qwerty, why not just go for the E95 or perhaps the Nokia N97 or N97mini? A little more expensive, but the bigger screen makes all the difference!

  11. That said, if you must get a Nokia Qwerty, why not just go for the E95 or perhaps the Nokia N97 or N97mini? A little more expensive, but the bigger screen makes all the difference!

    @Afewgoodmen: Blasphemy. Someone is likely to show up and ask you why waste all that money when a much cheaper device can get the job done?

  12. @Yom. I do not argue that those two phones cost an arm and a leg. But then, how could you justify the 2.4 inch screen for a QWERTY slide out phone? Nokia should have utilized most of the phone surface for an LCD screen. Why make large buttons and under-utilizing the phone surface. There is enough space to make even a 2.8 or even a 3.2 inch LCD screen, if Nokia had been economical with the phone surface!

  13. @deoladoctor; You should send the article as microsoft word Document attachment to impact At alireta Dot Com. Make sure you use the DOC format and not the DOCX or Microsoft word 2007 format. And um, you should have updated your profile at mobilitynigeria!

  14. I have a Nokia 6760 slide and having problems setting up my Gmail and Google Talk. Any idea?


  15. Good day, please i upgraded my 6760 pre installed quickoffice and is now telling me to purchase the feature online. Can you help please.thats d major function i use on my phone

  16. Mike,

    If I remember clearly, the free QuickOffice upgrade is for E-series devices only.

    See if you can find the option to cancel the upgrade and revert to the previous edition.

    If that option does not exist, back up your contacts, SMS and calendar – then format the phone. That will return it to vanilla state, wiping out anything you have added to it since purchase. You should have your old QuickOffice back. Then restore the files you backed up.

  17. Am a very devoted symbian user and am using this 6760 baby but the one thing I miss on it dat still is in most others is the copy/paste function via the pencil button which isn’t present on the fone.

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