A look at the Nokia N9's battery life

Nokia N9

The Nokia N9

If you followed my reviews of the Nokia N9’s older brother, the QWERTY slider N900 last year, you will remember that I found it an excellent device. Its main sore thumb, however, was poor battery life.

As such, one of my apprehensions concerning the N9 was this very issue: how well would this new kid on the block manage battery power?

As a rule, the N9 takes me through a full work day of email, web browsing, Twitter, calls, SMS and a few others. I hardly ever have to worry about running out of juice, and often go over 30 hours on one charge.

It really is amazing, considering that I had to move on from the N900 primarily because of its poor battery life.

The guys at GSMArena have also setup a new battery performance test for devices. Incidentally, the N9 was the first device to be subjected to this new test, and here is the verdict:

That gives the Nokia N9 a final score of 39, meaning that the smartphone will need to be charged every 39 hours if you do 1 hour of each of the three activities described above [3G voice call, web browsing, video playback – Editor]. So reasonably heavy users should expect to get about a day and a half from the N9.

N9 battery test

GSMArena N9 battery test score: 39

As you can see, GSMArena’s tests seem to be in sync with my own average daily usage.

In a nutshell, the Nokia N9 seems to be one of the most power-efficient smartphones in the market at the moment. This dude keeps pulling surprises!

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