It is beginning to rain tablets in Nigeria, and it is almost being dominated completely by Android OS. Samsung’s Galaxy S is here already. Encipher’s

A look at the Ovim Tablet

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It is beginning to rain tablets in Nigeria, and it is almost being dominated completely by Android OS. Samsung’s Galaxy S is here already. Encipher’s Inye is here. Apple’s iPad is on the way. And to the list, we add Fasmicro’s Ovim, scheduled to show up in stores latest February 2011.


Here are the official production specifications:

  • CPU Marvell 166 800MHz ( An award winning processor from US based Marvell Semiconductor)
  • Google Android OS v2.2
  • Memory 256MB DDR2 RAM
  • Storage Device 2GB NAND Flash (can be up to 16G) – This is Flash, not HDD – We end all HDD crashes and freezes.
  • Screen 7 inch TFT LCD with resistive touch screen, 800×480 Pixels
  • G-SENSOR MMA7660 accelerometer (in-built)
  • Navigation GPS/compass (optional)
  • Camera 1.3 MP (inbuilt)
  • Battery 5000mAH (up to 8 hours after full charge)
  • Adapter Input voltage: AC 100-240V, output DC9V, 1.6A , Frequency 50-60Hz
  • USB high speed USB OTG 2.0 AND usb HOST 1.1/ full screen handwriting
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g. 3G Module (in-built – no driver worries). With in-built 3G, we save you ~N10,000 of external MODEM.
  • I/O ports Mini USB2.0, T-flash–1G to 32G microSD card, in-built microphone, etc
  • Multimedia video MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV9, MPEG4 SP, ASF, DIVX, H.263, H.264, RMVB, MOV,MKV,TS,FLV, etc
  • Online Chat MSN/ SKYPE/GTALK/Yahoo/ICQ, etc
  • E-book PDF/TXT/CHM/DOC/EXCEL, etc
  • Product size 20.1 × 12.5× 1.65 cm
  • Colors: black, white, pink. Silver
  • Others standard accessories

Pricing & Availability
Fasmicro says that Ovim will be available in March 2011 or earlier, across Nigeria, at a breakthrough price. Pre-orders will start this month from and websites or Nigerian offices. Payment options include banks, offices in Kaduna and Lagos, or through their six Business Development Specialties (BDS), spread across the geopolitical zones.

Depending on choice, you will pick your Ovim at their office, through their BDS or your device can be delivered to you by courier. Fasmicro says that the price of Ovim will be made public this month.

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  1. This is an interesting story because Ovim is not just a hardware, they are bundling hardware into it. This is the 1st attempt to get Naija programmers to get paid making Apps. Very innovative guys.

  2. i just think this tablet will be make a change in Nigeria. I am waiting for it to hit stores because it is named after my mother’s birthplace in Abia state.

  3. artwales, that looks like a question that only each individual can answer for themselves. Some people already swear that my 11-inch netbook is too small for them.

  4. Well said Yomi.

    The primary features i need in a tablet or an ereader are:

    – 9.7 inch screen
    – 3G
    – Internet Browser
    – No Backlight. Preferably E-ink technology.

    Kind of a mix between the features of a Kindle DX and an IPad. Would be grateful for any suggestions.

  5. Apart from the 800mgz and 256MB ram which is debatable. The tab is packed with futures.

    These guys should not be allowed to go for xmas or new year, all hands must be on desk to get this out as scheduled. With good price point, news paper and radio adverts, i bet you this tab will sell very well.

    Tablets are not meant to replace laptops they are all meant to compliment each other to better entertain the consumers.

  6. Yes, Bosun, you are right, complement is the right word but this should be reasonably done.
    A device that i do not have to scroll from left to right or zoom in and out while viewing an A4 sized pdf file or web page is considered reasonable. The ipad and kindle dx are both 9.7 inches, you can get this done conveniently.

  7. I also believe tablets wont replace laptops. Not until they have accurate text-to-speech software to eliminate or severely reduce typing.

    My laptop will always be my main computing device, at least for a few years. I primarily want a tablet for reading ebboks, and a dedicated ebook reader like the Kindle with e-ink is best for that purpose.

  8. but we better ask this question? have you asked them their market target? do you think the Aba traders and Kano cow traders care for all these complexities. Galaxy goes to the banks, and they guys can focus on the neglected markets. there is nothing that cannot be made. the question is cost and sales. make a 11 inch tab, can you sell profitably? let us wait and watch them.

  9. This is a good thing. If the UI and other features and other hardware like usb port, microSD are at par with the Galaxy, then tell me why I should shell out money buying an ipad or Samsung Tab?

    I am hoping for good availablitiy along with impeccable after-sales support. Made in Naija engenders me to this Tab!

    Finally, at a good price points with Naija specific apps, THIS will be the TAB to beat in Nigeria. I am also hoping that a capacitive touchscreen variety would be out soon. I find Multi-touch input in any touch screen device a MUST!! I also hope that it would be upgradable whenever GOOGLE releases a new firmware. Like GIngerbread and sweet Honeycomb are being expected soon!!

  10. I am a Nigerian, A Nigerian by birth and inclination. Notwithstanding this, where exactly are we coming from that we are suddenly manufacturing tablets?! What we should probably want to know is who are the technical partners, then we can have an idea what the product will be like.

    For a product like the ipad, it is expected that because of it’s success, a lot of imitations would spring up without consideration for target markets. The present vibrancy in the tablet/ereader market is largely due to the successes of the ipad. But can any other product compare?

    One front line ipad imitation, is the pocketbook 902, which has all the features i require except 3G.

  11. why not call this capsule ovum from my state-bayelsa why ovim from whats his name mother’s village.
    On a serious note oga yomi repond;is this capsule abi tablet touchscreen reponsive,i dont mind the absence of a simcard port.can I read my bible in church without straining my eyes etc

  12. The name is Ovim and it seems that is the village name of Fasmicro founder. Ovum does not sound no nice anywhere

  13. MobilityNigeria must organize a seminar and can approach these new firms: fasmicro, microscale, etc and see how it can deepen the discourse and narrative on mobile technology. perhaps these two firms may like the idea.

  14. This looks great, the only problem is the price. I purchased a Tablet from China for approx £60, the price for the Ovim Tablet is £200. I think they need to work on the price to make it more attractive to people Worldwide.

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