A look at the Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone

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We are in the age of drones, it seems. By definition, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is remotely controlled (or flies autonomously via intelligent software). If you are new to drones, as most people are, you should try out a budget model like the Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone.

The Rolling Spider can go as fast as 17 kilometres per hour and a flying range of 20 metres. The battery wont go beyond 8 minutes on a full charge though. Clearly, battery technology needs to intervene in drones as much as in smartphones. You will have to keep it plugged it in for 90 minutes for a full charge. There’s a 0.3 megapixel camera built in for pictures.

The Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone can be controlled from Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones, and the connection is via Bluetooth. The above photo shows the Android app (top) and the Windows Phone (bottom).


The app gives user access to the Parrot Store, so you can buy a drone of your choice, as well as spare parts. You get to register right on the app. The Rolling Spider is available for £59.99 (that’s GBP) in there. However, delivery is available only to the UK, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernesey. Bummer. If you check around premium stores in Lagos, you will find a whopping price tag of N35,000 (about £112).


Parrot says the Rolling Spider auto-starts when you drop it, so it hovers in the air and waits for your commands – which is cool. It is also able to roll along the ground and on its back when its two wheels (included accessories) are attached. That’s where the name “Rolling Spider”comes from.


Parrot’s Rolling Spider sure looks like an affordable fun way to try out drone flying.



  1. I really would love to know what I would do with a drone – rolling spider or otherwise – for its 8 minutes of battery life. Spy on my neighbours? See how far an Okada is so I can decide when to step out of my house? Check of there are ripe mangoes at the top of the tree?

    But hey, if anyone wants one….

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