A look at the PlirisBlazeX Android smartphone

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The guys at PlirisMobile, manufacturers of Nigeria’s number one smartphone brand have been hard at work on the next iteration of their mobile, named PlirisBlazeX. The previous version was PlirisBlaze+.


Here is a brief of what to expect from the BlazeX:

– Google Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 (Optimized)
– Turbo Quad Core Processor
– High Speed RAM
– 1080 X 1920 Full HD “Retina Screen”
– HD Camera
– Mircast Wireless Display Technology
– Free SMS Custom Tracking
– 12 Months Warranty with FREE Screen replacement
– 16GB internal storage
– 16GB microSD card included (Supports up to 64GB)
– PlirisMobile African Keyboard – Custom Keyboard with Naira Sign (also available for download from Google Play)
– Pre-installed apps include: Global Phone Directory Pre-installed (TrueCaller), Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram, and Okadabooks.

PlirisMobile have not been specific about the processor and the RAM save that they are “quad core”and “high speed”respectively. The BlazeX sounds like an exciting upgrade to the Blaze+. I still have my own Blaze+ and after a year, it is still working fine. It has a cracked screen though, but PlirisMobile are extending the same FREE screen replacement for BlazeX to all Blaze+ with broken screens:

That is a good move in providing local support. So, if your Blaze+ has a cracked display, its not the end of the road yet. I will share more as I get my hands on more info about the new BlazeX. Do hang around.


  1. A Turbo Quad Core processor has higher GPU clock for faster rendering (better display can handle TRUE HD resolutions 1080 X 1920 pixels), and it can handle high speed (and larger) RAM better than the standard quad-core processors.

    Also the Turbo clocks 1.5ghz without over clocking and 1.7ghz when over-clocked.
    The Standard Quad-core processors clocks 1.2Ghz at best.

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