A night out with the HTC One X

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As already mentioned in an earlier article, I went dancing last Friday. I had the HTC One X with me and took a couple of pictures. I wish I could say that it turned out to be a satisfying experience, but this quad-core baby disappointed me a lot.

Picture Quality
The 8 megapixel and its LED flash simply struggled to perform in dim light. The best pics were those of stationary objects, and even those were grainy and mostly not sharp.

Pictures of people in motion were even worse. LED flashes have never been known for capturing motion well. The results were a mix of blurs .

Here are the two best shots of the night:
Still night shot with HTC One X

Motion night shot by HTC One X

By way of comparison, here is a photo taken in the afternoon at the TV studio last week:
Indoor afternoon shot with HTC One X

The One X’s camera is good in strong light. Anything other than that and it underperforms badly. But that wasn’t all.

Remember that in my review of the HTC One X earlier, I mentioned how every now and then the One X would lag and freeze? This baby chose Friday night – with all the guys and babes that I was trying to impress looking on – to pull serious stunts! Unforgivable.

It froze on me a couple of times, and I had to put it down for a while to let it regain its senses, because none of the buttons were responding. In one instant while doing a video recording, I wanted to end the recording, but no button was working. Video light was on, display was on, but nothing I did stopped it. After struggling with it a while, I had to slip it in my pocket and just let it be.

See as HTC One X spoil my runs. Sigh.

Back to the camera
I miss my Nokia N8’s 12 megapixel camera and Xenon flash. Nothing beats Xenon flash for night shots. I wish it was the N8 that I had with me last Friday night. Or better still, the Nokia 808 PureView.

I am a mobile photography enthusiast, so this leaves a bad taste of sorts. But then, perhaps I have just been spoilt by the Nokia N8’s camera. Sigh.


  1. See as HTC One X spoil my runs. Sigh .


    Anyway, na as head big reach, na so the headache big reach!

    Big phone, BIGGER wahala

    SourGraping, eh? You bet!

    ( picks up his trusty dusty OLD Nokia 5800 and fires it up for UNstuttering action )

  2. The quadcore htc one x? My laptop with win7 starter 1.6ghz dualcore has not shown any reasonable lag or freeze… Andriod is a waste of resources

  3. If Android performs well on Samsung Galaxy SII with dual core, then I would want to believe the problem is poor implementation on the part of HTC or Mr. Mo’s unit is faulty.

  4. @motorolac113, you sure about that? Check well o. Android phones are by far quicker than laptops. PCs are the hallmark of lagging and freezing.

  5. @Harry, I completely agree with you. Mr Mo’s unit has a bug. The first thing I noticed when I made the switch from Symbian to android was how snappy android is. I almost broke my symbian phone due to lagging.

  6. Why do u always use Nokia N8 phone has comparison to other phones.

    I don’t. I do use it as a benchmark for cameraphones, because till date it is the most capable cameraphone in the market. When the Nokia 808 PureView arrives in the market, I imagine that it will become the new standard for cameraphones.

  7. Till pureview 808 arrives, N8 remains the best camera phone on the planet. It’s world acclaimed director of photography, even if it is almost 2 years old.

  8. @Mister Mobility, if I may ask, is zenon flash meant for only Nokia? How come most manufaturers dont use it? Thanks

  9. Andy,

    No; Xenon flash is open for all to use. Both Samsung and Sony Ericsson (now Sony) used to have Xenon flash on their top cameraphones. Only heaven knows why they have been slacking like this.

  10. Eye_bee_kay:

    Will you please stop it with your 5800? It is not a better phone than the One X. All the aspects and specs of the One X would blow your 5800 to smithereens. Just because Mr. Mobility is not satisfied with his night out with his 5800 does not mean that he would prefer having a 5800 with him.

    PS: You are still sourgraping my friend.

  11. efe:

    I have owned a Belle device and an Android device. Both platforms freeze and lag. Even the iPhone 4S lags. I am just dumbfounded that you guys conclude that the OneX is faulty. Evidence? None.

  12. glendaROBOT quote:

    Just because Mr. Mobility is not satisfied with his night out with his 5800 does not mean that he would prefer having a 5800 with him.

    Obviously, this mannequin has some ICs overheating. This zombie would do well to reSCAN the lugubrious absurdity of the highlighted paragraph!

    I have owned a Belle device and an Android device. Both platforms freeze and lag.

    Ignorance mixed with a good dose of arrogance dovetails into VAPIDITY. Fact.

    Our ROBOT would have us believe that, because IT has owned a Belle device and an Android, and they lag and freeze, it inecessarily invalidates the possibility that Mr Mo’s unit is defective. Pa !!!

    Truth is, a device lagging / freezing could be the result of a hardware defect, or some apps on the device being ss cantankerous as our dear ROBOT here.

    If a device with monster specs as this HTC 1X lags and freezes persistently, I would check on the net if others have the same complaint.

    If not, I would do a total reset and use the phone in a clean state for a while. If its behaviour does not improve, it is a hardware/OS issue. If it improves, one (ore more) of the thirdparty apps is the culprit.

    Or, there could be incompatibility between some of the thirdparty apps.

    Some sleuthing may be necessary to determine the offending app..

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