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Earlier on, I took a quick look at Nokia Maps 3.0. Next up is a brief look at Garmap for Mobile, another mobile navigational application that was around weeks ahead of Nokia Maps (contrary to Nokia’s claims to being the first mobile navigation service in Nigeria).

Garmap for Mobile provides street maps for Lagos, FCT Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Warri, and Ota amongst others. The application is available for purchase and installation on Micro SD card. Installation was pretty straightforward, and activation occured over-the-air (OTA) in a matter of minutes. I am running it on the E75, the very same device on which I have Nokia Maps 3.0, making for very good comparisons.

Features on Garmap for Mobile include:

  • 3D map view (in Navigate view only)
  • Day view and Night view
  • On-screen Speed display during navigation
  • Where Am I? Presents nearest address, nearest intersection, hospital, police station, and fuel station, current location in terms of latitude and longitude, elevation, and presents option to save this info – all on a screen
  • Data Management: feature to track your movements (option to disable)
  • Map/Satellite/Terrain modes
  • Emergency Contact: a number you can quickly SMS your GPS co-ordinates to in an emergency
  • My Contacts: allows you to assign a GPS position to phonebook contacts and/or call them from within Garmap
  • Location messaging: Send your exact location in GPS coordinates to another GSM phone
  • Recent Finds i.e. history
  • Search places and addresses i.e. points of interests
  • Voice Guidance, including turn-by-turn directions
  • Route simulation: View route and destination on map before embarking on the journey
  • Weather forecasts

My personal observation so far is that Garmap has more details on its maps than Nokia Maps 3.0. Having said that, there are streets that are listed on Nokia Maps that are not on Garmap for mobile, and vice-versa.

Though my initial impression is that Garmap for Mobile packs in more value, it may be best to wait till I have put both competing applications through their paces.


Naviagate: 3D View
Navigate: 3D View

Jibowu junction in 2D map view
Jibowu junction in 2D map view

Search results for air transportation facilities in Lagos
Search results for air transportation facilities in Lagos

Murtala Muhammed International Airport
Murtala Muhammed International Airport

Adekunle Intersection of the 3rd mainland Bridge
Adekunle Intersection of the 3rd mainland Bridge

Disclosure: I work for Alireta Nigeria Limited, an authorised dealer of Garmap for Mobile. Yet, I seek to present unbiased reviews in this first impression, comparisons and other reviews of Garmap and other mobile navigation services.

If you are of the opinion that I have been biased, please state so and point to errors in my review to illustrate your point.


  1. I’m quite impressed witth everything about garmap review.But how can i purchase one for my nokia E71,and hoe much will it cost me?

  2. Muhammad, give ‘Dayo a call on 08084391076 to place your order. The Garmap for Mobile package costs N10, 000 only. Purchases between before August entitle you to four free updates as well.

  3. About Garmap Mobile, does it have a set of compatible phones or better still are there any requirements for it to work on a phone?

    Does it work on SE P1i?


  4. I use blackberry curve 8320 can i use gps on it with garmap and the gps incase i lose the phone to track it?

  5. David,

    The 8320 does not have GPS built-in. On the phone, go to:

    Options -> Advanced Options -> GPS. There it says:

    GPS Data Source: None.

    Perhaps it can use an external Bluetooth device though, but the 8320 certainly does not come with GPS built-in.

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