A quick look at the government websites of 54 African countries

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Here is a very interesting graphic presentation of the state of websites of various African governments.

African govt websites

You should have look at some of those websites. Many of them remind me of the days of HTML 3, and kindergarten table layouts. Kathleen Ndongmo, who put together the infographic has this to say:

It’s an infographic that in one eye-sweep shows you how critical the situation is today. I have put this together with the fervent hope that those in charge in the 54 African countries will step up to the plate and help give the continent its rightful web presence. Why? Because we?—?Africans?—?are embarassed, we are tired of the endless mediocrity, we have the skills needed to get better functional secure portals (see all the tech hubs, IT Entrepreneurs & Social Entrepreneurs scattered around sub-saharan Africa) and we deserve better.

I agree. This is 2014. Many of those websites look like 1999 jobs – and poor ones at that. The Nigerian government website is classified as poor. Here is what it looks like:

nigeria govt website

Don’t ask me for who designed it, please.

The original article includes links to all 54 African government websites, so you can check them out for yourself. Go read: The Sorry State of African Government Websites.


  1. I’d say the websites are not unconnected with the state of affairs in their respective countries.

    Websites are not something taken that seriously even by companies within the same countries – how many emails have I sent to companies in Nigeria that have never been responded to leads me to wonder why they have a website, let alone email, in the first place.

    Let me not even talk archaic and confusing language, links that don’t work, poorly conceived online forms and trying to find information on the same websites. A government website is good in theory but in reality not usually unhelpful and often disjointed-

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