On the 1st of October 2015, the Nigerian smartphone maker, Orbra ITC, held an event in Abuja to launch its new lineup of devices. It

A recap of Orbra’s Independence Day product launch

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On the 1st of October 2015, the Nigerian smartphone maker, Orbra ITC, held an event in Abuja to launch its new lineup of devices. It was a full range including a smart bracelet, a smartphone and a tablet. The event was slated to hold at the Immaculate suites, but was eventually moved to The Box office, also in Wuse 2, Abuja. Of course, MobilityArena.com was present.

Orbra Avalanche 2 - Inferno 2

The venue for the launch was an air conditioned room that sat about 40 people, giving the event a more intimate feel and aiding the interactions that followed. The event kicked off with the singing of the Nigerian anthem. After the CEO’s keynote address, a number of sessions followed in short intervals.

Orbra CEO keynote address

During these sessions, the CEO of the company, Lolade Otayemi, introduced the different devices to be launched, starting with the Orbra smart bracelet. Other devices launched include: Avalanche 2 and Inferno 2 tablet. It was a day when Orbra would be introducing a Nigerian-centric keyboard for its devices also. The keyboard includes the Naira sign, and the ability to type in Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa languages.

Orbra smart bracelet

During the presentation, Otayemi urged the youth not to give up on their dreams and highlighted how he started on his journey – from getting a laptop from his uncle when he gained admission into the University, to deciding he wanted to make good use of it – as a result, his introduction to Web designing. He also spoke about how he had gained valuable knowledge from linking up with the Founder of Pliris Mobile, Femi Alade.

In August 2011, Orbra released the firm’s first tablet, which sold for N30,000 a unit. The company sold 20 pieces of that and haven’t looked back since. In February 2013, the company released the Orbra Avalanche; in October – the Inferno tablet; in December – the Orbra power bank; and in March the following year – the Orbra Eve – the company’s flagship smartphone.

Orbra is not just selling devices but also playing it’s part with respect to charity. The company is working closely with HRelieff to make this possible. For every Orbra device that is sold, =N=500 goes to charity. The CEO also mentioned that more service centres should be coming soon, especially to Lagos. Before the launch of the Eve 2. The company currently has its only service centre in Emab Plaza, Abuja. Their devices generally carry a 1 year warranty cover, which does not include damage to the hardware.

Orbra CEO introducing the Avalanche2 smartphone
At the end of the presentation, guests were treated to light refreshments; but not until after the giveaways. The company rewarded a customer – Mr. Johnson; for his loyalty to the brand. He has been using an Avalanche smartphone since 2013 and decided his next upgrade would also have to be an Orbra smartphone. In addition, the winner of the challenge that the company held, prior to the launch was announced; the winner was to get an Avalanche 2 smartphone, courtesy of Orbra. At the end of the event, selected guests were interviewed – mainly to share their views about the announced devices. I got interviewed too:

Mobility Arena rep getting interviewed

The Orbra Eve 2 was not launched at this event. Stay logged on to Mobility Arena, as more information about the released devices will soon be published here.


  1. The Nigerian customisation seems cool, from the Naira sign to the languages. Thumbs up Orbra

  2. I admire the fact that a percentage of each device sold goes to charity (I’m curious as to which but that might be asking too much). Sounds like an incentive to buy. Wonder what their customer after-care is like?

  3. Wish them the best in their endeavors but how does one go about getting one of these,online or brick and motar stores,more info is needed by potential buyers..

  4. Which will you rather have?

    Doogee Or Orbra?

    Strange names , but i will pick Orbra anytime anyday.

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