Okay, this is crazy, but here is the story of mobile: first, we had those big, bulky phones and then we kept miniaturising them so

A remote controller for your smartphone?

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Okay, this is crazy, but here is the story of mobile: first, we had those big, bulky phones and then we kept miniaturising them so that they could truly be mobile. Then we decided we had had enough of tiny and then began to grow them back again. Now, our smartphones are growing so huge that we need remote controllers for them. Ladies and gentlemen, I am tired.

First, it was HTC with the idea of an HTC Mini Plus as a remote controller for the flagship HTC One:

HTC Mini Plus

So, you keep the HTC One in your pocket or bag while the Mini Plus stays in your hand so you can take calls while using your phone to surf online, watch videos or play games. You get instant notifications of texts, events, and emails so you won’t miss a thing. It also helps you multi-task better: you can take calls on the Mini Plus while surfing or chatting on the big guy itself. Hands-free remote camera control lets you take pictures from your phone at a distance. It even doubles as a TV remote control, and pairs with select HTC devices to operate multimedia streaming through your HTC Media Link HD. Built-in laser pointer and slideshow remote control capability give your presentations a professional polish. It is all techy and geeky and sounds dandy.

But HTC are not alone. Alcatel also have been playing with the same idea. I present to you the Alcatel remote:
Alcatel remote

You see, Alcatel’s upcoming flagship, the One Touch Hero, has a huge 6-inch screen, which is too big for most pockets. The remote lets you keep the One Touch Hero in your bag but stay connected. Do you see what is happening here? We miniaturize the phone so it can be truly mobile, then grow it back so it is not so mobile any more and we need another mobile to stay mobile. Sigh.

The Alcatel remote works pretty much like the HTC Mini Plus. You pair it with the mother ship (sorry, smartphone) and you can make calls, among other things, without needing to have the mother ship (sorry, I can’t help it any more) in your hands. Actually, these remote controllers are just like the new smartwatches – extensions to your hulk smartphones.

I know that I am a bit of a nutter, and I might just be acting my script as a drama king. So, what do you think? Are you in with this remote controller for your smartphone thingie?


  1. Just like I said regarding smart watches, I refuse to be turned into a gadget nut.

    Heck, must we all become Iron Man?

    However, I hasten to concede that, having a daughter ship has its advantages, depending on what you do and your lifestyle.

    A smartwatch would be useful, for instance , for a mechanic that is hand_deep in grease.

    Or, a Danfo driver snaking his way through the mad Lagos traffic.

    But a daughterPhone for a motherPhone? Ha!

    Imagine joining those two to a DaughterSmartWatch.

    All these smart devices seem to be making humanity DUMB.


  2. Been wondering.. what happens to the Law banning the use of (smart) phones while (d)riving?

    Would it also be expanded to prohibit the use of smartwatches too… as that could be a source of more irrestible distraction?

  3. These device makers are crazy and we are even crazier for buying a phone for my phone. I listened to my cousin talk up the idea of having a watchphone ( a standalone alone smartwatch) looking at him like he is crazy (the battery life on these smartwatches suck too much for me to even consider it and talking to your watch looks dumb,but paired with a blueetooth headsets that lasts the whole day and more it might work for me).
    i guess you can never say never if battery tech improves to have a smartwatch and bluetooth headset that last two days for calls then am game

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