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Following up on my recent teaser on instant messaging on mobile, I thought I would give the whatsApp application a test run on my Blackberry Bold 2 (9700).


What does WhatsApp do?

It is a smartphone messenger application which allows you to send text messages over a data connection in place of costly SMS. It works with your existing BIS service or normal internet service/bundle on not just Blackberry but a host of other mobile platforms as well.

With WhatsApp, iPhone, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry users can send each other messages, images, video and audio files. Note though that the Symbian version is still in beta phase.

WhatsApp integrates seamlessly with your existing address book and there is no PIN or username to remember. Just like the native SMS, you do not have to sign in or out.

I browsed to whatsapp.com/download on my native Blackberry browser and – boom – I was home and dry (like Yomi would say).

The WhatsApp is available for one year Trial. After the trial, you can renew for less than $2 ( I am still trying to confirm the price from them). 

When I finally installed it on my Blackberry bold 2, I found out one of my contacts was already using it. It feels and sounds like the famous Blackberry Messenger.

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Have you been using WhatsApp? What are your experiences and observations? How would you rate it? Let us hear from you.

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  1. I have given it a spin. On my symbian Nokia 5800. I would say it rocks!

    The feature that impressed me most was this: even when you exit the application, when a message is sent to you by a WhatsAppian, that mesage wakes up WhatsApp!

    Naturally, I have been comparing this to Nimbuzz.

    Nimbuzz does not always connect. Besides, unlike Nimbuzz, whatsApp sends you a real sms (when you minimise the app) -stored in your inbox).
    Also, Nimbuzz is free (@ least for the chatting aspect) for ever.
    Whatsapp is more elegant and automated in setting up your buddies. It merely scans your phone contacts, and detects any of your Whatsappian contacts already registered with it. Neat.

    The psh notification does not always work (maybe cos the symbian version is in Beta state)

    All in all, the approach adopted of using phone numbers to connect buddies is smart and endears this app to me. The network of iar is irrelevant. EVERY phone had a number. No blackberry PINs, no need top know your buddy’s email. Nifty!

    I submit this is a very strong and capable challenger to the Nimbuzz dynasty!

  2. Well i installed it once but uninstalled it the second day..i didnt have anyone on my contact with whatsapp…i liked the neat interface and d fact that it could run silently underground..its cool only if u have users with it on ur phonebook..

  3. @eyebeekay

    Awesome share. Tested it briefly too. I would be Upgrading my BB to V6, once am done, I’d be using it to connect with ma buddies using iPhone and Symbian devices.

  4. Its my best app on my 5800. Lets me keep in touch with folks worldwide at zero cost. It was guzzling a lot of my bandwidth before(had about 1000 contacts then) but its much better now after I pruned them.
    And for those who don’t have enough friends on the app, kindly use my method and “force-install” it on every bb or iphone you come across.
    You’d love it then.. I even chat with my mum on it 😉

  5. I have also. Been using whatsapp on my HTC hd2, best invention since fried rice and plantain. I really see what’s app catching, I also see them being bought by one of the major cell phonemakers, carriers. This is the closest threat to bbm in my opinion.

  6. Whatsapp is really cool, it doesnt kill ur battery like other chat clients do. Found few friends on my contacts when I installed it. I uninstalled it from my N8 afta 3 days though because the app can’t be controlled !!! It auto connects to any/every access point on the phone… Pls, does anyone here use d gloflat 150mb bundle? I’v bn using it for about 4 months now, its really bad cos I can’t hav a decent connection… It just keeps disconnecting afta 10 or 15 mins, I’v neva had one straight hour of uninterrupted gloflat data connection unlike my mtn that does 4 to 7 hrs straight. Anyone here with same issues with gloflat? I knw I’m not sticking to d main point.. But gloflat crappy connection is my reason 4 uninstalin whatsapp.

  7. The app is not free on the iphone neither is there a trial period of one year. Sad!

  8. @TelNetNg,

    ‘ It just keeps disconnecting afta 10 or 15 mins, I’v neva had one straight hour of uninterrupted gloflat data connection unlike my mtn that does 4 to 7 hrs straight. Anyone here with same issues with gloflat? I knw I’m not sticking to d main point.. But gloflat crappy connection is my reason 4 uninstalin whatsapp.’

    I use gloflat, no such thing.no complaints -whatsoever.

    Maybe the coverage in your area is weak.

    when it disconnects, why not just reconnect?

    If the disconnection breaks your downloads, why not just resume (you use ucweb – it suports resumption of downloads)?

    When tethering, use a download manager, or use a desktop browser that suports download resumption (e.g Mozilla FireFox]

    Or dump your provider for a more reliable (in. Your area) one..

    My thoughts…

  9. @Eyebeekay, thanx . I decided to test my gloflat connection today away from home.. I was in the waiting room in some firm so I was like let me see how long this gloflat conxn can stay up for away from home.. Lo and behold I was chattin for over 2 hrs without a single disconection. It never occured to me that I only get messed up service at home, and d funny thing is when I’m home d glo conxn is steadily on d 3.5g platform with full bars so I don’t know why I experience such terrible service when home. I’m home now and it hs started dosconectin again. It’s mysterious…. Any suggestions? Thanx

  10. Mysteroius @Telneting?

    I have noticed the same thing with Glo here in Festac Town. That was why I decided to move to MTN. Since I did, I have been having a stable Network. You could call glo customer care, or anytime you are at an area close to any ETB bank, check them out. At least one glo world would be at an ETB bank.

  11. @Kay123,

    A year trial, then you start to pay $1.99. That is preety small. They do not sell adverts.

    Check u’d see most of the apps that are free sell adver. Snaptu, UbberTwitter etc. At leas I’ve used those two. #OkBye.

  12. @ Jesse, thanx.. The last time I called glo cc the lady I spoke with said they haven’t launched the gloflat service so she can’t take any complaints regarding… I think the problem should be from the base station that serves my area cos it definitely can’t be from my phone cos even when I put d sim in another phone I get the same problem. I’l just switch to mtn but that would be 50mb less for this data hungry N8.

  13. Nokia must have kept it as a secret … This site has made me find out my N8 runs on windows 7 !! Yiiipeee. Lol

  14. Why must this app always connect to the network? That would kill a lot of battery..i may ve to uninstall it jare…

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