A sneak peek into Music+, MTN’s new music streaming app

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MTN Music plus

A reliable source leaked info to us today that MTN will be launching its own music streaming mobile app sometime in July 2014. Music+ is a converged Music streaming and download platform, optimized for mobile and online access, Users will be able to download songs at the cost of N50 each, and payment can be made via airtime.


  1. With the ability to download virtually any song off the net just by looking into google, why would I throw away cash by subscribing to this, spinlet or any other streaming service?

    Or is there something I’m not getting right?

  2. @Ayodele. They claim that downloading music your way is illegal cause the rewards doesn’t get back to the artist. In nigeria where the masses are struglling to cope with high bandwidth cost I doubt if most care about legal or illegal after all most of our leaders are illegal…

  3. Hmmmm…let it flow then!

    Its a wide playing field for music streaming so MTN is welcome to join in…

    Meanwhile, I’ll continue to get MY music via:

    1. Direct (legal or illegal) downloads
    2. Sharing from another user

    Streaming? Err…maybe sometime in the…far future


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