As usual, I had another phone problem and went to see @gbenro after a long while, he took a look at my water damaged phone

A tale of one phone and two reviews

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As usual, I had another phone problem and went to see @gbenro after a long while, he took a look at my water damaged phone and uttered the scariest words you can hear when you are broke. “You need a new phone” I looked at him like he had lost his mind. Taking pity on me, he said he could lend me an old phone from his museum collection ‘till end of month’. I asked, Which phone? He said, “A Nokia E72”.

Excited, I asked him to tell me about it and he set about on a long windy description. Bored, I asked him to write a review. He did, I used the phone for a few days, and wrote my own review. See both below.

Nokia E72

The Nokia E72 is a flagship enterprise phone from Nokia, and like all Nokia devices is a pleasure to use.

Asides from their trademark hardiness, this Nokia has a brilliant keyboard, messaging features and very impressive battery life. The E72 is a follow up to the E71 which was a stellar device of no mean repute. I once left one on a car, drove off, had it fall on an expressway where 3 cars drove over it and still come back on and make calls.

The E72 is very similar to its predecessor and is very slim at 10mm thick. It has a chrome trim and a metal battery cover, it’s easy to grip and solid. It has a 3.5mm jack on the top of the phone, and can be charged both by Nokia Mini pin Charger and microUSB (slower option).

Navigation is good with the excellent QWERTY Keyboard, but is very well complemented by Nokia’s first use of an Optical Joystick in the middle of the D-Pad. This Joystick means you can move across menus by swiping. It takes some getting used to but once you get used to it you will wonder how you worked without it.

The 2.36in screen is just right with a NON Touch Display, the resolution is much lower than that of the Blackberry Bold 9700 or 9000. You only notice the screen poverty when viewing webpages.

Symbian series 60 is still good, with multitasking, bundled Nokia maps and a 600 MHz Processor. It comes with Nokia’s push messaging service and support for different types of email servers. It also makes use of switchable work and personal modes which people loved and Blackberry is trying to Copy for BES on Blackberry 10.

The E72’s camera has a 5.0 megapixel camera with autofocus and an LED flash, the camera has several presets and a panoramic shooting mode.

Call quality is excellent and connectivity includes Wi-Fi (B and G), Bluetooth 2.0 EDR HSDPA (up to 10.2Mbps). The 1,500mAh battery is sooo good you get two to three days from it.

Sadly this great phone is no longer available.


In Real life: (By Cyril)

WP_20130812_014Trying to use an E72 in 2013 is a lesson in Patience. The Zippy 600MHZ makes me smile every time I pick it up. The internal Memory is so small that ANY kind of request gets an OUT of Memory Alert. The memory is such that sometimes when you connect a USB Cable, you get an out of Memory Notification. Nine Times out of 10 I can’t open the Store because of Memory Issues

Oh my days! This phone is slow. You don’t know how much things have changed till you wait for the phone to boot. The Blackberry ‘Learn Patience’ Hourglass on older devices are still speedy compared to this.

The Antiquated S60 interface was dated in 2010, now it’s just downright scary. You pick up the phone and know how to do everything immediately but in the midst of doing everything you realize life isn’t this hard anymore.Finding some settings in the S60 third Edition menu system is very convoluted, several clicks to go through the menu structures. Nokia fans like the phone’s user interface but in 2013 quite frankly I dont.

Tried with all networks you get good Service on the device immediately, however configuring browsing on most networks except MTN is a hassle because most networks no longer automatically send the S60 compatible auto-config files that used to be sent.

After finally configuring an APN, configuring email was interesting. Gmail as always was easy to configure, although I got a Suspicious Sign in Alert. Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Exchange email all done in a Breeze. Contacts and Calendar Synchronization works and all contacts landed easily

You know how Symbian devices are supposed to be very easy on Data Use? So Essential Apps install was about to start when I decided to check for an update. To check for Updates, you need to download Nokia Suite, 102 MB. When you complete that you find there is an Update for the E72-1, 200MB. When that is done you need to update apps again.

In 2013 this camera is a very interesting one. With no Front facing option, the lowlight use is poor. Daylight use is bearable although there seem to be some Autofocus issues.

Screen is small, very small, I wear corrective glasses and have trouble reading on this. Secondly, I find that I have been ruined by newer phones. I catch myself touching the Screen to Confirm tasks like on a newer phone.

The Track Pad is a Vestigial Organ. It works but serves no higher purpose, the phone is fine without it. It’s particularly useless when taking Photographs.

The Mode Switching is just confusing. That’s all.

After being stuck in the “Museum” so long battery life is Crap. You need Agidi to get one day of use out of it.

Anyway Beggars are not choosers so @Gbenro Dear, thank you for the Phone.

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