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A tale of one smartphone and two networks; or How I got my groove on

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Yes, I agree; it has been a while. Aside having to deal with my personal affairs, I felt outdated – no review device or app. Sorry I’m still saving kobo after kobo while hoping for a money doubler to come my way and then I can get one of those flashy new phones that Mister Mo taunts the rest of us with.

So you saw E71 in the title and probably felt who’s gonna read this? There’s been enough said about the E71 here on MOBILITY and out there. But you are reading this; aren’t you? Good.



The E71 is a great phone, everybody says, but I never felt the greatest of my phone. I kept telling myself that I had a defective phone, one with serious defects right from Nokia’s factory. I didn’t experience all the acclaimed wonders and beauty of this phone. It felt more like a dumbphone in my hands except for the fact that I had a PDF reader (although reading on this screen is frustrating) and Opera Mini running on it.


I never was able to use the phone’s inbuilt browser, because it just wouldn’t work. Same with the inbuilt Chat app and Ovi store. I successfully downloaded and installed Fring, Nimbus, and Yeigo but never used them. They wouldn’t work either. I never could connect to Youtube. Even Opera mobile kept giving an error message when I tried to browse.

What was wrong? If I wasn’t saying my phone was defective, (which was my major excuse) I was saying my service provider, Glo wasn’t compatible with my device, though I am not sure that I really believed that.

Enter Etisalat

I have had my Glo line since I walked the GSM route. This was from the days when Glo sold their SIM for 1 Naira. I really wasn’t ready to get a new mobile identity. But in recent times, they had given me cause to look outside. I did end up getting an Etisalat line, and BOOM! I suddenly have the E71 that everybody had talked about.


The built-in browser is functioning now, even though I won’t be using it (I am so in love with Opera Mini, and that works fine now). Ovi store too… Hmmn! Finally I could get those apps I had always wanted. The phone just seems to have received revival.

So, that’s how I got my groove on. Etisalat brought me liberty. I guess now I can run apps and dish out a few reviews. Okay. Just kidding. I know that no one wants to read Symbian apps reviews. So while this money doubler is still on the way to double my coins so I can buy me my dream phone – the PureView (Yes; that’s my dream phone, and when I wake up from the dream, it will be the phone in my hand), I shall pretend that my E71 just got an upgrade. It feels like a different device now that I have internet connectivity working on it. Oh, new life! Hallelujah!

Glo’s Multiple APNs

According to Mister Mo, Glo has multiple access points (APNs) for different internet services, and the E71 must have locked on the wrong one. From his experience, this sort of thing happens with other phones too, and in some cases could be resolved by manually modifying the settings. That problem doesn’t exist with Etisalat, as it has only one set of configuration settings. Oh well, you geek types can crack your heads over such things. I just want to put my SIM in a phone, have the correct settings automatically configured and browse away. That is how it should be.


Has any service provider cramped your style this way too? How did you get your groove on? Do you mind sharing?

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  2. Yeah had the same experience with glo, it took me one full year to figure out their multiple apns, but thanks to etisalat and airtel… I dey enjoy my SGS2 wella

  3. it is agood thing Glo and Etisalat frustrated me into dumping them for AirTel.

    Glo suddenly became unreliable, data wiser.

    Then, for some reason, subscrobing successfully to a data plan on Etisalat became a hit or miss affair. the last two times I tried, I got error messages , on both Etisalat SIMs available to me.

    I snapped my MTN SIM into two a long time ago.

    so, I decided to give Airtel BSM plan a trial.

    and, boy. so far, am I glad!

  4. I had that ugly experience with Glo too. I had the right APN configuration for more than 4 months but it happened that Glo also have to activate my SIM from their end before I could use it to browse and that took them some 4 months with all my visits to their Customer Care office and numerous calls. It was so frustrating then because they were the only network offering 200MB for 1K while others were still on 100MB.

    I finally got it working but I have since migrated to Etisalat and presently on Airtel. Etisalat remains the best network in my area in terms of network speed and stability, but Airtel’s BB Social Plan is simply irresistible and their network, though not as good as Etisalat’s, is very usable with a very adequate download speed.

  5. There is one advantage to having different APN for different plans (as glo does). If you’re on a data plan and it gets exhausted your credit balance remains intact. I once had almost N2’000 and 1.5GB data bundle on my etisalat line. The aim was in a MiFi device. I usually put the SIM in a phone to check my credit and data balance. Last I checked I still had over 400MB left. Suddenly, I could no longer browse. Eventually, I took out the SIM and put it in a phone. Men, did I get a shocker when I checked. I had no valid data bundle and my credit balance was zero.

  6. @ Austine Ezemelue, you may have a point there.

    but in some cases, when a data bundle gets exhausted, the device simply tries all the defined APNs in sequence, until it gets a connection .

    at least this was the case with my last Symbian phone .

    I feel the fireproof way to avoiding unexoected credit dimunition is too simply use an effective data metering app.

  7. in recent times, I have noticed that Etisalat has started blocking ones call credit from being consumed when Data gets exhausted.
    Indeed Etisalat and Airtel are the best for now when it comes to data

  8. If you create a new config on your phone,with apn = “gloflat”, username = “flat”, password = “flat” and make the config as DEFAULT, everything will be fine but I doubt if you can go through the stress. I just hope glo will do something about this MULTIPLE APNs. the earlier, the better.

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