SIM Reservation Gone Wrong: A tale of Two Cities (and Etisalat)

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This morning, at one end of Lagos, I drove to a Sweet Sensation outlet to pick up my reserved Etisalat SIM. I had the SMS detailing my reservation and passcode with me.

I was kept waiting for about an hour (technical hitches, understandably). Thereafter, I was informed that my number had not been reserved! How the system could have sent me a reservation notification and passcode without actually reserving the line beats me. But, hey, technology is not such the salvation many suppose it is.

The Etisalat official asked if I could return to follow up on the issue. For what? A free SIM that would cost less than N400 when released on the market?

I tried to be polite. Then he referred me to his supervisor, who began to speak of me going to Isaac John street (or so). I didn’t let him complete the thought. I told him I’d pass, and said goodbye.

On my way out, the official who had earlier attended to me assured me that they had my contact details (I had completed a form on arrival there) and would call me as soon as my SIM was ready. Then he spoilt it by adding that I should see his supervisor (again) to give him my contact details.

Hello?!!! I told him not to bother and promptly left.

Many miles all the way across Lagos, however, a different drama took place. Fellow MobiNaija contributor, Dayo, had attempted to reserve an Etisalat number several times but got an error message each time. And he never received any SMS notification from Etisalat.

But the plucky guy decided to try his luck. He got to a Big Treat outlet and told them he got no SMS and had no passcode. The Etisalat guys there punched his GSM number into their system, and yes there was an Etisalat number reserved to that line!

No SMS. No passcode. Yet, he walked out of there with his Etisalat SIM in record time. Yes; there’s no justice in the world. Anyway, the good thing is that one MobiNaija member has an Etisalat SIM we can use to run our tests and present our reviews. Good enough.

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