Rewind to about a month ago and I was using only theSamsung Galaxy Note. I detested anything Blackberry. Fast-forward to the present and I use

A True Mobilist or a Mad Man?

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Samsung Ch@t 3222, Galaxy Note, Blackberry Curve 9320

Rewind to about a month ago and I was using only theSamsung Galaxy Note. I detested anything Blackberry. Fast-forward to the present and I use not only my Galaxy Note but also a Blackberry 9320 (Curve 7) and a Samsung Ch@t 3222.

I got the Blackberry so as to quash my general ignorance while I sort of inherited the Ch@t 3222 from my sister. The three devices are unique in their functionalities to me. First the Galaxy Note serves as a creation device where I can scribble and draw, and at the same time it serves as a consumption device where I can watch movies, surf the web and play games on it’s amazing screen.

The Blackberry 9320 serves a dedicated communication machine. I use it to keep in touch both via social networks and email. I have become kind of dependent on it nowadays because it enables me to be online and ready to respond at any time.

The Ch@t 3222 is a dual SIM feature phone that serves as a device that I use to receive phone calls. I have all network SIM cards so it affords me the opportunity to have two SIM cards in one device. Apart from that it, does not do so much work. It is always the last device to lose juice because I don’t use it as frequently as I use the other devices.

Those, people, are the three devices I carry. To some people, that is absolute madness. Their rationale is that only a mad person will carry three different devices. One particular day, I was making a call with the 9320 in public when the Ch@t 3222 started ringing and I had to pick it up. I ended up on two phone calls simultaneously. Sometimes, I call myself a mad man too. Due to the three devices I now carry, it became necessary for me to have a small bag I sling round my neck so as to save my pockets of some serious load.

If you carry more than one mobile device, what is your experience?


  1. U dey try oh, i have issues keepibg hold of my 2 phones, the third obe just sits in my travelling bag. Remembering where the two devices i sling around is hard enough for me…

  2. This is why I love Samsung. It is possible to have a single device that ALMOST does all you need. I mean there is a size in a sort of continuum in their portfolio.

    4.7″ is about right for all my needs..

    by examining your lifestyle carefully, you can minimize the MADNESS of logging about multiple device. .I love traveling light. It is why I do not use a wristwatch..

  3. hahahaha…nawah oo….well I use a samsung galaxy S captivate,a nokia dual sim(torch light) and a slim android tablet and I must say I don’t bring out the tablet except when it is absolutely needed and the nokia stays un my pocket exceor when it rings…..however,the galaxy works and works most because I stay online for my work all the time…I’m considering getting a copy version of the galaxy note you showed there…it has a dual sim and excellent battery life with android 4.0.4…..I for like the original note but pocket np deep reach ooooo…

  4. Emma,

    At the moment, I carry only one phone around, and I want to keep it that way. Life is too short, please πŸ™‚

    As a matter of fact, if I can replace the combination of my phone and tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Note II, that would be bliss! Just one mobile device.

    I am a mobilist, and I daresay you are a mad man. *Bolts for the door*

  5. Emma, na wa for you ooo. What will happen if you become a senator na? You will hire a PA to be helping you in moving 100 smartphones gadgets abi?

    At the moment, I carry two phones around. A BB and a dual SIM Nokia. Hoping to replace the Nokia with the Galaxy S duos. If not for my job, it will just be ONE phone.

  6. Well, I’m used to carrying two smartphones around. I’m also at ease with three. From August to September, I regularly went out with my N9 (for mobile navigation), Bold4 (for social networking, heavy downloading) and Blaze+ (calls, sms, videos, music, web browsing).

    So Emmagine, if you are mad, then what will be said of me? You’ve seen my collection of gadgets before.

  7. Maybe number portability is what we need afterall.
    Switching seamlessly beetween carriers. Imagine loading Airtel airtime in the money and they mess up, you switch and by evening you buy data on the same line, only that this time it’s Etisalat.

  8. i carry 3 around my nokia 701,bb 9630 and nokia torch. My lil bro who jist finisnec sec school owns 3 too. Its normal in my house. Some own 4.

  9. I own a BlackBerry Curve 9300 and an s40 Nokia 5130 xpressMusic. The Nokia is almost always in my bag except when I need to listen to music or I have a call, or I need to charge it. More than one mobile device in your hand or pocket and you’re suffering, you just don’t know it

  10. He is not talking about the original Samsung galaxy note. He wants the imitation. The chinko with dual sim access. However, I will advise you to get a used original Samsung galaxy note instead. Mine is up for sale if interested though.

  11. You just took the words out of my mouth. Number portability will go a long way in addressing this problem of multiple phones. I enjoy the huge bis data I get from airtel while my main line is mtn. If and when number portability kicks in, I will just move my number from mtn to airtel.

  12. I have the Samsung note and a dual sim etisalat feature phone. Because I need plenty data for my Note, i went to get an airtel sim. The two lines on the dual sim phones are basically for calls. When number portability starts, i may only have to carry one single phone device.

  13. Regardless of the availability of number portability, I will still carry at least two smartphones around with me.

    No Network gives services that will keep me completely satisfied. No smartphone or OS has ALL the features that I want/need.

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