A video streaming app for low-internet speed regions

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Africa, in general is still drawn back in terms of ICT infrastructure and broadband network. Companies and some governments are gradually trying to setup up necessary infrastructure, but the norm here, is that we have relatively slow internet speeds especially when compared to the developed nations.

With this in mind, a group of South Africans developed video streaming technology designed to specifically to work in low-speed internet environments like ours. The first app to implement this technology is called Tuluntulu (A Zulu word for “stream”), free and available for Apple and Android phones.


How does this app work?

This is the interesting part. They say it works on a platform called Adaptive Real-Time Internet StreamingTechnology (ARTIST).

ARTIST makes use of algorithms to adjust the video quality to available bandwidth. This means the rate at which a video streams varies depending on the available bandwidth at the time. This means you can adjust the quality of the video you’re watching depending on your browsing speed.

ARTIST’s rate-adaptive technology makes buffering useless, and ensures smooth video streaming. It automatically adjusts the video quality to ensure the video stream won’t buffer or break. A user can adjust video quality with a simple volume-like button, allowing them to control their own data costs.

The platform was developed by a group of researchers and engineers from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research(CSIR),in the University of Cape Town, and it’s being commercialised by start-up company Tuluntulu.

The mobile app, offers 10 unique “TV-type”channels 24/7. The user only pays for associated data costs. The new technology is a boost and we hope its makes major impact in places where accessible bandwidth is still a problem. It will be ideal for content creators and advertisers, since it will be relatively cheaper to use this app.

One major catch is that, streaming on slow network actually reduces the quality of the video you watch.


  1. In Addition To Internet Speed, Data Is Still Relatively Expensive Here Compared To The General Purchasing Power Of The Majority.

    For That Reason, When I Hear The Word, ‘stream’, My First Inclination Is To Swim Away. Fast!

    Great Effort By These Folks, But I Would Rather Download My Material And Have The Opportunity Of Reusability, Later.

    For Streaming, I Leave That To The Marathon Swimmers..

  2. This is exactly the problem this technology is trying to solve. Your ability to control your data usage while streaming. Try taking a bite, it definitely won’t hurt 🙂

  3. Poster L-roy, There Is A Limit To Which You Can Compress Lossless Streaming Media.

    And That Limit Puts Real Breaks On The Level Of Compression That My Pocket Can Bear..

    Thanks, But, No, Thanks.

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