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Playing games on mobile phones is a huge market. As a matter of fact, game apps are the most profitable segment of mobile app development. Over the years, smartphone manufacturers have attempted to combine a handheld game console and smartphone in one device. How well has that worked out?

The First Of The Mobile Gaming Phones

The first of a new generation of Mobile Gaming Phones, the Nokia N-Gage, was far from a commercial success. It was released in 2003 and was Nokia’s attempt to ride on the popularity of gaming. It failed to meet sales projections. The N-gage had a weird design, like a number of other weird phones from Nokia.

Nokia followed up in 2004 with a refined model, the N-Gage QD, and that failed too. It was the last Nokia N-gage smartphone.

Other smartphone manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson and Samsung, have made similar attempts. None of those performed well in the market either. Smartphones designed and targeted at gamers have not had a great record in the market.

Nokia Ngage

2018 Gaming Mobile Phones List

The list of gaming smartphones at any point in time has always been short. In 2018, it still is.

In 2018, the list of mobile gaming phones includes Razer Phone, ZTE Nubia Red Magic, and Xiaomi Black Shark. As said in an earlier article that took a look at the hype around gaming smartphones, I really doubt that these devices will be runaway success either.

History is likely to repeat itself. Anyone who enjoys gaming on a smartphone only needs to pick up one of the flagship devices in the market. If you want the best cameraphones, look at the best flagships. That is how it currently stands with mobile gaming.

mobile gaming phones and apps

The Best Mobile Gaming Phones

If you compare Razer Phone, ZTE Nubia Red Magic, and Xiaomi Black Shark with Samsung Galaxy S9+, Apple iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 8, you will find little to suggest that thise gaming phones do gameplay better than these flagships.

Even if they do, the flagships still offer more compelling all-round features and performance. A 2018 flagship offers you the best of photography, security, gaming and more in one package. Smartphone history is full of statistics and trends that say this is what consumers prefer – one device that gives them the best of all worlds.

If dedicated gaming cell phones are ever to succeed, they must offer something that the flagship smartphones do not offer – a distinct unique selling point for hardcore gamers. Until then, it is arguable whether the best gaming smartphones are our beloved flagships or this new crop of dedicated gaming phones.

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