Acer makes phones too, and this one can turn into a PC

Earlier this year, May to be precise, Microsoft announced a new technology called Continuum for Windows 10 phones. This feature transforms your phone into a desktop PC when connected to a big display. Here the phone adapts it’s interface to fit the screen, depending on what you’re using it for.


Acer has just announced a Windows 10 phone that will support Continuum. The device named the Jade Primo, will reportedly ship with a set of accessories which includes a dock, keyboard, and wireless mouse. So far, the Jade Primo is said to carry a super AMOLED 5.5-inch display, running a Snapdragon 808, and 21 MP rear camera.

There are no details yet on availability or pricing. We hope when released, the Jade Primo will live up to it’s billing as a “Pocket PC”.



  1. Interesting device, terrific concept. But what I just basically read, in layman’s term, seems to me like connecting a tablet to a big screen to work wider.

    While it’s a welcome development, I see very little practical use for it. It may reduce the need for a tablet but it definitely won’t affect the need for a dedicated windows laptop. We will still need laptop for the main tasks.

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