AdBlock Browser is now aviailable for iOS and Android

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Remember AdBlock Plus, the Google Chrome extension that effectively blocks ads on your desktop browser? The guys behind it have just launched an ad-blocking browser for both iOS and Android devices.

AdBlock Browser


As the name implies, Adblock Browser is a web browser that blocks ads. This offers a faster, more straightforward browsing experience, and happens right there within the app. Adblock Browser virtually ensures privacy, because it also blocks malware-laden ads, trackers and malware domains.

We all know how annoying ads can be. Sometimes they open tabs on the background that stream videos without our consent-these are the kind of scenarios this app helps avoid.


It’s also good to know that though Google kicked out the Android version of this app years ago, they have had a change of heart and welcomed it back in the store.

Download AdBlock Browser, iOS users click HERE, Android users click HERE.



  1. @ThirdWorldTechie, must you comment on every article? Looks like you sleep and wake up everyday on this site……

  2. *sigh*
    i don’t comment on every article
    do you have any actual complaints about my comments, besides their quantity?

  3. You go 3WT, I for one enjoy your contributions!

    The first thing I thought was “Ad blocking is bad for Google” but if Android wants to keep pushing the “open operating system” option, then one of those choices should be the ability for pusers to block unwanted ads.

    Especially the kind that stalk you around the internet, on every new web page…

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