Adolf Hitler’s phone auctioned for $243,000

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Adolf Hitler’s phone sold at an auction in the United States for $243,000. The winning bid came through a phone call, and the buyer’s identity is yet to be revealed. A British soldier, Ralph Rayner, recovered the phone in Adolf’s bunker a few days after the end of Second World War. It has been lying in an English country house since then.

adolf hitler's phone

The telephone is described as the most destructive weapon of all time. It was used by the Nazi leader to issue commands in the final years of the war:

“Hitler’s mobile device of destruction” and “arguably the most destructive ‘weapon’ of all time, which sent millions to their deaths around the world.”

adolf hitler's phone

Originally black in colour, the telephone was repainted red, with the name and logo of Adolf Hitler engraved at the back. Ranulf Rayner was happy to have sold off the artifact. In his words: “I certainly won’t miss it”. He was the son of the original collector.


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