In one sentence, AdPack gives you unparalleled online exposure at low cost to people who need and can afford your goods/services.

AdPack: Affordable Ads For Small Biz And Personal Use

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AdPack gives you unparalleled online exposure at low cost to people who need and can afford your goods/services.

  • Do you run a small business and need exposure?
  • Have you just started your cool website or blog and need some traffic?

Mobility’s AdPack is designed to meet your needs. Get a whopping 84% discount on our 180 x 180 banner ads to enjoy the benefits of exposure to our fast growing traffic.

How AdPack Works

AdPack 180x180

  • The AdPack offer is limited to 180 x 180 pixel banner size (pictured above) only
  • The 180×180 banner is placed in the left sidebar on our full website, and displays below articles in mobile view
  • Cost: N5,000 for 30 days (Standard rate is N31,500)
  • As an AdPack subscriber, you can use your slot any time in the next 365 days e.g you may want to run your ad during the Christmas holiday season
  • As an AdPack subscriber, you can break up and spread out usage e.g. 5 days in October, 5 days in November, etc, etc
  • Whenever you are ready to run your ad, simply mail in your banner and the link you want it to point to
  • AdPack subscription is renewable every 365 days. Unused time will be carried over
  • AdPack subscribers who require more than the initial 30 days run can top-up their subscription at any time during the year at same rate of N5,000 per 30-day period
  • AdPack is a BOP product strictly for small businesses and personal use. Medium and large organisations are not eligible.

How To Subscribe

  • Make your payment via online transfer, or cash/cheque lodgement to GTBank account: 0009 698 726 / DomainStandard Networks
  • Send your name, business name (if any), and phone number to: Use “AdPack” as the email’s subject
  • If you want to run your ad right away, include your banner, link and any instructions

Get Started!

You don’t get this kind of deal anywhere else. There are limited AdPack slots available, so subscribe early. Once available slots are filled, we will not be taking any more subscribers.

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  1. I was thinking, just as I started reading how I wish thethe 30 day can be spread out…. gbam there it was, mehnnn this is the best tech innovation of the year 2013. Well done to the head behind this

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