The founders of WhatsApp fought hard and long to keep the app free of ads, but in the end, the almighty dollar has won. You will

Ads in WhatsApp status: Coming to your phone

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The founders of WhatsApp fought hard and long to keep the app free of ads, but in the end, the almighty dollar has won. You will soon begin to see ads in WhatsApp status on your phone.

When WhatsApp was founded years ago, the team behind it pledged that they would keep it ad-free and respect the privacy of users. But then, Facebook showed up at their door and offered them a deal they could not refuse. And so, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

Announcing the acquisition, the founders of WhatsApp reiterated that the instant messaging service would be run independent of Facebook and would be kept ad-free. Some of us suspected that this wouldn’t go on for long; Facebook thrived on ads, and a WhatsApp under Facebook could not stay ad-free for long.

In the last one year, both WhatsApp founders have left Facebook under unclear circumstances. But they have since voiced out concerns about Facebook’s approach to user privacy since their departure. It was clear that something was amiss.


ads in whatsapp status
Expect ads in WhatsApp Status by 2020

How Ads in WhatsApp Status Work

And so, it has not come as a surprise that a statement has been made to confirm that users will be subjected to ads in WhatsApp status area. These ads will be powered by Facebook’s native advertising system.

Insert trumpet fanfare here.

Users will be able to control what type of adverts they want to use but will not be able to skip/block any adverts. This also means that third-party apps that blocks ads will be of no help here. You will not escape. Facebook has to make more money.

The good thing is that the ads will appear like normal status updates from your contacts. Nothing intrusive. We think it is the most blended approach yet to digital ads on apps.

The new feature will be rolled out in 2020.

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