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We are pleased to introduce to the general public the new MobilityNigeria Classifieds.

Our Classifieds is a text-based ad section that affords individuals and small businesses the opportunity to reach our over 38,000+ unique visitors for as low as N2,000 per month.


The Clasifieds section is displayed in the sidebar (right section) on every page on the site. The Classifieds section. It is also displayed on the mobile version of the MobilityNigeria site. As such, Classifieds get 100% exposure at a bargain rate.

Get Started Today

  1. Mail us your text ad of not more than 25 words (include a heading of maximum 5 words too)
  2. State the date that you want the ad campaign to start running and the duration. It can run for multiple months
  3. Pay the required fee (at a rate of N2,000 per month) into our GTBank account
  4. We will run your Classified for the specified period

Please mail mobility[@] for enquiries.


  1. Is MobilityNigeria part of ADVAN yet? Paid your dues?

    Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria ( ADVAN ) is the umbrella association for all advertisers

    Just kidding!

    Great move!

  2. We are starting with a maximum of five (5) slots in the classifieds. We will evaluate this to see if it is expedient to put more than that. But we are certain that anything more than ten (10) ads will be counter-productive to advertisers – at least with this present format for our Classifieds.

    All of the ads will appear at the same time on all pages across the site.

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