African Footballer of the year, Yaya Toure, is now an Airtel Ambassador

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Airtel the smartphone network

In a bid to reach out to the teeming population of youths in the continent, Airtel Africa has signed current African Footballer of the year, Yaya Toure as their brand ambassador.


He would be the face of their marketing campaign called “It’s Now” . The campaign seeks to nurture and grow talent in Africa through various consumer criteria such as sports, lifestyle and music, while providing customers with access to connectivity and technological solutions to enable them explore opportunities around them.

CEO of Airtel Africa’s, Christian de Faria had this to say

“[the company is] excited to be signing the pact with Mr. Touré who is respected in Africa and beyond. As the first player to win African Player of the Year four consecutive times, Touré is an inspiration to everyone working to achieve their potential and striving to be their best every day.”


Speaking concerning the partnership, Yaya Touré said:

“Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have a great deal of success on the field. However, I know that the strongest performances come only when you commit 100 percent to the task at hand and display the strength and mettle to give it your all. “It’s Now” is a campaign that is close to my heart as it calls on Africans to embrace the opportunities around them to better their lives. I am glad to be working with Airtel, with its wide reach within Africa, in order to inspire many people.”

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