AfriOne mobile assembly plant opens in Lagos

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AfriOne mobile assembly plant to launch in Lagos, Nigeria.

AfriOne is a manufacturer of dual SIM mobile phones, smart watches, and educational tablet PCs. The brand plans to open an assembly plant in Lagos, as well as announce its first smartphone assembled in the country, AfriOne Gravity Z1, today Friday.

AfriOne Mobile - Gravity Z1

AfriOne is a subsidiary of Contec Global Group, a conglomerate with operations in a number of countries. Contec is the company behind the NowNow app. The brand, with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, also has a tablet, the AfriOne 2-in-1, in the market already.

The new AfriOne mobile assembly plant is said to have an installed capacity of 300,000 products per month. This is all very interesting. We will keep you updated as the events unfold.


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