After Belle, Symbian gets Donna and Carla (Dual Core CPUs)?

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Symbian Updates after Belle

In my opinion, Nokia has done a smashing job bringing Symbian up to Belle. Belle is a smashing OS version and brings the UI aspect of Symbian up to date.

However, it is looking like there is life after Belle.

According to supposedly leaked documents, Symbian may be getting two more updates after Belle, as follows:

Symbian Carla

  • 8.0 Browser
  • Dolby soundround
  • NFC
  • Best Widgets

Symbian Donna

  • Exclusive Dual core Equipment

Dual core CPUs on Symbian? I guess with all the fancy UI implementations, Symbian finally needs to go that route.

Anyway, whether this is true or not, Nokia’s legendary history of supporting their products long after competitors have stopped supporting their own products of the same age is commendable.

If Symbian will still be getting more update love after Belle, it is even more commendable. Like I keep saying, no OS ever went out with a bang like Symbian.

This info hasn’t been confirmed via any official channel, but it sure makes for interesting discussion; doesn’t it?

If you want the full details, do head over to MyNokiaBlog for the juicy bits.


  1. That wud be great!Though d question that one keep asking is that if symbian can be this twistable,then why killing it?Anyway we hope to be loyal as the stock last.

  2. That wud be great!Though d question that one keep asking is that if symbian can be this twistable,then why killing it?Anyway we hope to be loyal while the stock last.

  3. Good for symbian, now nokia is waking from its sleep though somehow too late.
    Is fancy UI good? Then android rocks.

  4. @Abubakar Mahmud

    That wud be great! Though d question that one keep asking is that if symbian can be this twistable ,then why killing it ?Anyway we hope to be loyal as the stock last .

    The truth of the entire matter is that Nokia lacked ideas on how to make Symbian acceptable in the modern mobile ecosystem without copying both Android and iOS. Copying Android wouldn’t have been so much of an issue given that Google wouldn’t have cared so much, but, since Android is already accused of copying iOS, it can only mean Nokia also copied iOS and are definitely going to face legal battles with Apple.

    So in order to avoid these, Nokia had to ally with Microsoft and declare Symbian dead and then starts copying the hell out of both iOS and Android to their fans fanfare. Having already been declared dead, Apple wouldn’t bother so much with a platform that is already in the exit door. You now see how Nokia secured their immunity while appearing innovative at least to their loyalists at the same time. Really brilliant!

  5. Now Nokia has adopted Android’s alphabetical OS nomenclature;
    n d next one would probably be ‘E’va.
    I hope Google neva patent it sha.

  6. This is what Nokia should have done when android 2.2 froyo came out. Now its sorta late for any real traction because most mobile users consider symbian “dead”.

  7. So this means that Belle is practically the end of the road for the N8.

    I read that Belle release it’s being delayed because they are still working on how to make it work very well on the N8. N8 has 256 mb RAM, and reportedly after booting, a Belle-running N8 will have less than 100 mb of RAM left.

    Well, I hope they solve it very soon. It’s unthinkable for the N8 not to get the official Belle update

  8. If Nokia claims they didn’t copy Android, no prob; but they need to tell me why they didn’t do this all these years.

    Symbian still Rocks.

  9. People assume Symbian is DEAD because Stephen Elop said so.

    Elop is NOT God. Only God is immutable.

    Elop may change his mind; he may be booted out, etc. etc…

    The important question is – does the current crop of Symbian iterations (Anna, Belle, Donna and Carla) stand a chance against the shiny new OSes on the block? If Symbian / Elop reverses itself on Symbian today, retain it while going ahead with the Windowsphone matrimony, will Nokia regain (some) lost grounds?

    With the different complaints about the newer OSes, i think this is likely to be the case…

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