After suing Xiaomi, others, Ericsson goes after UMi

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Ericsson is a pioneer telecommunications company out of Sweden. And it is one with deep roots down. It has over 33,000 patents to its name. Last year, Ericcson sued Xiaomi over infringements. Before then, it has sued quite a few others. Intex, Micromax and even Samsung. This time, the Swedish firm has gone after UMi to enforce a license agreement on 2G, 3G, 4G Standard Essential Patents.

UMi phones

This makes UMi the second Chinese company being sued by Ericsson. For now, UMi has been ordered to stop selling devices at AMAZON UK while the case is resolved.

PS: One day, Apple might just go after certaan Chinese manufacturers too….


  1. I guess Ericsson is looking for attention.

    I think they are dying. Drowning and looking for someone to drag down with them

  2. So many people have copied Apple’s iPhone design, it would probably not be worth it to go after many of them. I don’t think they want to be bogged down in legal cases that won’t be resolved any time soon.

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