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Agodi Garden, Ibadan: Beautiful scenic photos shot on OPPO F11 Pro

We took a long drive to Agodi Garden, Ibadan, taking the OPPO F11 Pro along with us. That is the beautiful smartphone with a motorized pop-up selfie camera. But the pop-up camera isn’t its greatest strength. The 48 MP dual camera at the back is a delight to use. The stunning scenic photos we shot on OPPO F11 Pro are a must-see.

I had heard of Agodi Garden, Ibadan for a quite a while now, and I had made a mental note to visit as soon as an opportunity presented itself. That opportunity finally did, and I took the beautiful OPPO F11 Pro along with me for the ride.

Once upon a time, Lagos to Ibadan by road was said to be a one-hour trip. That hasn’t been true in the last few years though, thanks to the bad state of the road and the ongoing upgrade. Anyway, I got there in one piece, though an inter-state bus driver almost bumped me off somewhere between Ogere and Ibadan.

It turns out that Agodi Garden is located in a section of Ibadan that I am very familiar with. I can almost locate that area while driving blind. I have a long, nostalgic history with Ibadan that dates decades back, but this is not the day for that story.

Oppo f11 pro thunder black colour back

Scenic photos of Agodi Garden, Ibadan: all shot on OPPO F11 Pro

With Premier Hotel, Ibadan, providing a nice background atop an adjacent hill, Agodi Garden lies in a serene valley and is quite a beauty. We have parks in Lagos, but I daresay none of the ones I have seen have been as thoughtfully designed as Agodi clearly is. It was a delight snapping away to capture as many of the scenic views of the garden as possible.

All photos were shot on OPPO F11 Pro’s main camera – a dual 48 megapixel + 5 megapixel snapper – and they have not been retouched in any way. The only editing that has been done is resizing to keep load size on this webpage down. Click on each image to see a bigger size.

oppo f11 pro 48 mp camera agodi garden ibadan shed in a garden

shot on oppo f11 pro 48 mp camera agodi garden ibadan water bridge premier hotel in the background

shot on oppo f11 pro agodi garden ibadan tent on field

oppo f11 pro 48 mp camera agodi garden ibadan avenue

agodi garden ibadan walkway animal eye view - Shot on OPPO F11 Pro

oppo f11 pro 48 mp camera agodi garden plant

oppo f11 pro 48 mp camera agodi garden ibadan walkway

The above pictures do not cover the swimming pool area, children’s play area, lounge, and more. Agodi Garden is quite extensive and there is more to see there than has been captured here.

If you haven’t you should have a look at our rweview of the stunning OPPO F11 Pro.  We have the specs and features too for you.

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  1. Don’t mind me. This visit was a single day affair. I will plan a sleepover for the next time and contact you upfront, so we can hang out. If Kay is available too, all of us. Anyone else here based in Ibadan?

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