Aiming Locally Made Missiles With A Samsung Galaxy Note II

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It is an established fact that war time brings out some ingenious stuff in man. Many of planet earth’s greatest innovations have been the product of necessity during wars. The Syrian civil unrest is a showcase of this sort of innovative spirit as rebel fighters working with limited resources look for ways to face off the better funded and equipped army. Below is a picture of Free Syrian Army fighters using the electronic compass of a Samsung Galaxy Note II to help aim locally made anti-aircraft missiles near the Menagh military airport in Aleppo’s countryside, on February 17, 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Note II aiming missiles

Not so sophisticated, but perhaps better than nothing. Maybe even very effective. I do not remember the last time that I needed to use the electronic compass on any smartphone, but here is a good example of how useful these devices can be outside of our everyday scenarios.



  1. Now I need to go and check what exactly that electronic compass on my note2 can offer me.

  2. Interesting news. Manufacturers will do their best to sell their devices, but how best to use these gadgets sometimes lies with the consumers. I hope this does not result in the banning of the importation and sale or use of smartphones in that country just to stymie rebel fighters.

  3. No wonder innocent people die from indiscriminate and inaccurate bombings in this country. The magnetic field distortions produced from the ferrous metals and electrical wirings close by will definitely affect the compass reading and its accuracy. It could even be as much as 90 degrees. Digital electronic compasses are not meant, even as substitutes for things like this, especially when it has to do with mass killings.
    Additional errors in this compass will also be exaggerated because of the tilting of the phone. The compass is designed to produce accurate results when used horizontally to the earth surface.

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