Airtel 2SIM – 10k/sec between paired SIMs all day

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Airtel Nigeria has launched a new product that allows two linked Airtel subscribers to enjoy the following:

  • 10k/sec between paired SIMs all day
  • 1k/sec between paired SIMs from 12am – 4.30 am
  • 120 free SMS/month between paired SIMs

While an existing subscriber can enjoy this service by registering the Airtel line that they want as a partner by dialing *448*1*airtelno#, Airtel also offers a special 2SIM pack of two matching numbers that also brings the following extra benefits:

  • Free Ring Back Tone for the first 30 days
  • Free news and ringtone from Airtel Live for the first 30 days

There is no subscription fee for this product/service. Existing Airtel lines must be on either the 2good or Big Family plans to be able to activate this service.

Airtel 2SIM packs cost N300/pack.


  1. ……Airtel had better stop all these unpopular packages and give us better thing……when I one ff on my glo that charges around N1 per minute and free night call to all glo…..what will I do with the one that charges N6 for the same 1min and pay for night call….

  2. Whats all these that Airtel is doing when I get 2kps on paired SIM with GLO.

    Come On, They should try harder.

  3. Hahahaha air you are trying but try harder, cos you only try much better than only mtn in terms of this kind offer, dont deceive ppl pls do somth bettr than this.

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