Nigerian subscribers to Airtel BlackBerry plans can now enjoy more data, as the operator has just increased the data allocation they offer users in the Blackberry Complete…

Airtel BlackBerry plans get data boost

Nigerian subscribers to Airtel BlackBerry plans can now enjoy more data, as the operator has just increased the data allocation they offer users in the Blackberry Complete Bundle and Unlimited data bundle. The Blackberry Complete Plan formerly N1,400 for 3GB now costs N1,000 for same 3GB.


Airtel BlackBerry Plans

In like manner, the Unlimited bundle plan formerly N,1500 for 2GB now offers 3GB for same price. The real issue is how this data is charged for usage and how fast it will deplete.

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  1. If AirTel would simply take back with another hand what they are offering with one hand, then I ain’t game.

    Honestly, I would like to think they now measure their data in a transparent manner

    Nonetheless, this could push the other network providers into doing further tinkering with data volumes and pricing

  2. Fraudulent network,am sure they’ll conveniently fail to tell their customers about their CRA.P billings..

  3. Airtel? Sorry! 3gig divided by 2 to actual data you will get. In summary, if you have 1gig on your sim, it is actually 500mb. Until they stop that their silly thief thief billing, I no dey come back. Awon ole, won fe dami n gbese!

  4. I thought I am the only one that have been duped by Airtel, seems everyone has got their own fair share. Just as Notiki already noted, you are getting half of whatever data paid for. Am never going back intill they repent from their dubious ways

  5. I wonder if all the people who bypassed other tariffs to use the BBC plan on non-BlackBerry devices may have contributed to the limited data that is being complained about?

    In that sense, I can’t blame Airtel for using their sleight of hand methods.

  6. No, I paid for their Android plan three times: still the same double charge. One time like that they gave me free 1GB. The following weekend, I got a message that I have 38MB left. I didn’t download. My Android data usage counter read 193MB used. I decided I couldn’t take it any longeR. I ported to Etisalat the next day.

  7. Hehehe Airtel don enter one chance.
    It is easier to destroy trust than to build it.
    Airtel….a classic case of the more you look the less you see.
    Hmmm the above statement should be their new slogan!

  8. lol, apart from their fraudulent billing, their data services are horrible. 5 GB for 1,000 self i don’t want

  9. @Notiki, I’ve had my share of problems with Airtel and data, many of those I’ve shared on this forum. But I can’t conceive using a BlackBerry plan on anything other than a BlackBerry and expecting a different result.

    That’s the risk you take I’m afraid, and Airtel has a funny way of chopping data and presenting it as used.

  10. Not by a long pole will I ever buy Airtel data. The last time I got free 2GB from them to use on one of my sim cards that lie around, I had to dump the useless thing. They have the crappiest data service of all the GSM Telcos. Imagine my frustration using free data how much more if I had to buy. Tufiakwa!

  11. I remember how May 2014 went for me. I eventually spent 1.5k every week for data throughout that month. Nobody told me to opt out, I did it jejely by the time I went broke.

    Afterwards, I think I intentionally trashed the sim or that I forgot in somewhere in the bathroom. Good riddance!

  12. I wish someone that matters at Airtel could see this thread and similar ones too on line.

  13. @Deji, the Airtel person would read this, give the same mealy mouthed apologies they always do and nothing would change.

    I’ve said it in this site before and I will keep repeating it; if you have a problem with Airtel or any other network, have reported it to them and it isn’t resolved in a timely decent fashion, then report them to the NCC. Go to the NCC website. fill in the form and see what happens.

    If you’re not prepared to take it further na you sabi.

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