Airtel Easy Recharge (Wazobia) will give consumers more freedom to charge phone credit with varying amounts System will boost availability of airtime by empowering vendors

Airtel Launches New Airtime Recharge System

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  • Airtel Easy Recharge (Wazobia) will give consumers more freedom to charge phone credit with varying amounts
  • System will boost availability of airtime by empowering vendors

airtel logoAirtel, the 5th largest telecommunications operator in the world yesterday launched a new recharge service in Nigeria in furtherance of its plan to redefine freedom in telecommunications landscape in Africa.

The new recharge service, Airtel Easy Recharge, is expected to further empower Airtel customers across the country, offering them more convenience, flexibility, freedom, and ease in loading their phone credit.

Airtel Easy Recharge, launched as Wazobia Recharge in Nigeria, is a denomination-less recharge system which offers customers a unique opportunity to recharge their phones and those of their friends and family members with any value from N50 without having to use the scratch cards.

The new system, which has been launched in Nigeria today, will be followed shortly by an extensive roll out in 15 other markets in Africa. Airtel expects the service to make airtime readily available to its customers throughout the country 24/7 and empower its vendors to provide recharge service to consumers everywhere, more effectively.

The launch of the new system comes less than two months after the unveiling of Airtel brand in Nigeria and, is in tandem with the mobile operator’s promise to deliver the most exciting and relevant initiatives, products and services that enable consumers to accomplish more in their daily lives.

The system will additionally help Airtel to deepen the availability (distribution structure) of airtime to its retailers, vendors, non-fixed vendors and more importantly, its consumers, Airtel explained today. In addition, the new system provides consumers and retailers the flexibility of recharging their phones with varying amounts. The minimum recharge that can be done is N50.

Speaking at the launch of the new recharge system in Lagos today, Airtel Nigeria CEO, Rajan Swaroop, said: “Our mission is to deliver relevant, reliable and innovative solutions that empower our customers to overcome challenges in their daily life. At Airtel, we always listen to our consumers and we will continue to do our utmost to meet or even exceed their expectations. Mobile telephony is a key component of our daily lives; therefore, we can equate airtime to the fuel that drives our mobile communication”.

“By enhancing the availability of this important commodity to consumers we are empowering individuals, families and businesses across this great nation. By making recharges available from as low as N50, Airtel is enabling potentially over 50 million Nigerians to stay mobile and enjoy the exciting Airtel offers”.

Explaining the Wazobia campaign, Rajan said “Nigerians popularly referred to N50 as ‘Wazobia’ and the word also represented togetherness for the whole country. Airtel sees this as an original Nigerian term that captures the spirit of the people and we want to identify with such locally relevant opportunities”.

Airtel Nigeria also used the occasion to introduce a N50 physical recharge voucher which, like the Easy Recharge, will increase the flexibility and accessibility of airtime recharge platforms available to customers.

The introduction of the new system will create a positive multiplier effect by bolstering the trading channel’s ability to dispense airtime and meet the ever-growing consumer demands.

About Airtel in Africa
Airtel is the new brand name for the 16 Zain operations across Africa which were acquired by Airtel International in June 2010. Airtel is driven by the vision of providing affordable and innovative mobile services to all. Airtel has African operations in: Burkina Faso, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. Airtel International is a Bharti Airtel company. For more information, please visit

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  1. Looks similar to the MTN Virtual Top Up).
    A greener and more efficient way to recharge.

    We await further implementation details..

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