ZTE to build Airtel Nigeria’s 4G LTE network

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If you have been expecting Airtel Nigeria 4G LTE network, the good news is that the company has announced a partnership with ZTE to build it. Airtel has officially announced a strategic partnership with Chinese firm, ZTE, to build their 4G LTE network in Nigeria.

Airtel Nigeria 4G LTE network Will Play Catch Up

In December, 2012, Airtel became the first telecoms operator in the country to complete a successful 4G trial in Lagos, yet is the last to deploy. All other members of the Big Four network operators club in Nigeria launched 4G services in 2016, leaving everyone wondering what was up with Airtel.

Airtel Nigeria 4G LTE network - airtel broadband internet unlimited

4G LTE is a global mobile standard that delivers broadband internet to feature phones, smartphones, tablets, USB modems and MiFi devices. Other existing 4G LTE networks in Nigeria include: Etisalat, Glo, InterC, MTN, Netl, Smile, Spectranet, and Swift.

Airtel Nigeria has given no timeline of how long the building of their 4G LTE network will take. But at least, their loyal subscribers now know that Airtel broadband internet is on the way. It cannot arrive soon enough.

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