Airtel Nigeria has stated that they are expanding their 3G infrastructure to cover nearly 80 percent of Nigeria’s population by 2012. This is in a

Airtel Nigeria gunning for 80% 3G coverage

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Airtel Nigeria has stated that they are expanding their 3G infrastructure to cover nearly 80 percent of Nigeria’s population by 2012. This is in a bid to deliver reliable and affordable Internet services to customers.

Before now, Airtel had the poorest coverage of the existing UMTS networks in the ccountry. Already, the expansion can be felt by subscribers, some of who are now seeing a 3G signal on their Airtel lines for the first time in years.

Airtel is targetting 2 million active 3G subscribers out of their total active mobile subscribers of 16 million. Airtel’s plans are a stark variance to the situation on ground with other operators. The default is that 3G is offered in only a few select cities while GPRS/EDGE is deployed in the remaining vast majority of the country.

If well implemented and supported with adequate capacity, this will make Airtel the network of choice for mobile broadband in Nigeria.


  1. Gr8, its about time. At least its clear that they also know of their condition and they are doing something about it.

  2. Airtel has d experience, they ve d money…aside etisalat they’re d only other network i see challenging mtn’s dominance…glo isnt just the way, whats happening to number portability? I thought we said its coming up may?

  3. They should bring it on jare! I haven’t been enjoying MTN’s 3G network at all and I am looking for a worthy alternative.

    This is really good news at least from the subscriber’s perspective.

  4. Airtel should just shut the hell up. We are tired of empty promises without result. Just last week they deceived us with 1Gb data package for smartphones only for it to turn out to be a miserable 100mb which does no good now they come up again with another deception as that 80% 3G coverage may turn out to be 20%. MTN is still the Network to beat for now. They don’t make much noise but their network has improved considerably in several cities/towns & villages across the country. I am not their pro niether am I holding brief for them that is just the truth. Airtel Glo & Etisalat stop giving us crap data services.

  5. Frankly speaking, for d over 2wks that d 3G started popping up on my radar, av not seen any diff with 2G/EDGE experience. Our telco operators just use adverts to mesmerize without actual improvement in the QoS. What’s d essence of a 3G that can’t stream a Utube video or launch browsers consistently without dropping? Let them stop deceiving us Pls.

  6. @arumob, I’ve tried the Airtel 1GB plan, it’s actually 1GB as they said and couldn’t exhaust it on my phone for one month. Maybe you entered the wrong USSD when subscribing.

  7. IG the 1GB plan for smartphone previously went for #3000 and the activation code was *141*712*10# while the new activationn code Airtel sent through their. Deceitful sms was *141*712*4#. Use this code and the message you will get from Airtel is welcome to 100MB 1 month plan. I have not deleted the sms they sent to me. I do not mind coming to Lagos for NCC consumer parliament if it still holds monthly to make my complain. That is how pained I feel about it.

  8. Does anyone know the places covered in their current 3g plan?? Is Benin in it cos i have not seen 3g and their GPRS/EDGE is very slow now….

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