There are lots of conflicting information out there about the new Airtel unlimited 3G data plans. This is primarily the network’s fault, as it has

Airtel Unlimited 3G: Everything You Need To Know

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There are lots of conflicting information out there about the new Airtel unlimited 3G data plans. This is primarily the network’s fault, as it has kept details out of the public domain. Instead, individuals have to call in to get details and then often get conflicting information depending on who they speak with.

Personally, I have spoken with four Airtel Nigeria reps and no two of them have given me information that completely match what the others have given.

If you are exploring subscribing to the Airtel unlimited plans, we have done our research and collated all the information you need into one place for your reference.

Airtel Unlimited 3G Prices

  1. Unlimited 10 for N10,000
  2. Unlimited 15 for N15,000
  3. Unlimited 20 for N20,000

Each of the plans has a 30-day validity.

Airtel Unlimited 3G Fair Usage Policy

  1. Unlimited 10: full 3G speed up to 40GB usage, then throttled
  2. Unlimited 15: full 3G speed up to 65GB usage, then throttled
  3. Unlimited 20: full 3G speed up to 100GB usage, then throttled

One Airtel rep that we spoke with told us that the throttle speed is 256 kbps till month end. Full 3G speeds here mean you should expect speeds in the vicinity of 1-4 Mbps on good days and less then 1 Mbps on bad days.

Airtel unlimited 3G

Subscribe To Airtel Unlimited 3G Plans

To subscribe to these unlimited plans and indeed any other data plan from Airtel, you can dial the general code, *141#, and follow the prompts.

But you can also subscribe to the unlimited plans directly by using these specific codes:

  1. Unlimited 10: Dial *471#
  2. Unlimited 15: Dial *463#
  3. Unlimited 20: Dial *351#

Note that all the above information, especially the fair usage policy, has been put together from bits and pieces of information provided by Airtel Nigeria reps we spoke with. We will update this page if any new information comes up.

August 2020 Update: The above codes no longer work and it appears that these plans have been silently discontinued.

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  1. finally!!! priciate… what’s with all the hush hush surrounding these packages?? EPP us ask Airtel

  2. Would love to know if these plans are shareable.

    Have not got an answer after asking Airtel (Nigeria) through email, WhatsApp and Twitter.

  3. This is good.

    10k for 40GB is a damn good deal for a fairly stable network provider.

    Jumping on this ASAP! …until Ntel gets to my location.

    Smile should go and die. 🙁

  4. Bros. That’s wicked. People are getting their pay from that company! Maybe your friend or cousin is there… You never know.

  5. Ok, that was harsh, I admit.

    Point is, should these plans be as stable as my current connectivity speed, I’m jumping on them without second thoughts.

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