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Airtime Promo Gone Bad: Awoof dey run bele!!!


Jun 25, 2016

My people oooooooo! Na awoof kill me o! I got a notification on my phone from EmptyHen network. It read: “Your account balance is too low. You have N0.69 remaining on your line. Kindly dial *322*214*AMOUNT#” now to receive more airtime“. I was so excited. Surely, this was some freebie from EmptyHen and it would end anytime soon. So, I hastily dialed the code.


Who No Like Awoof?

First, I dialled *322*214*1000# and I got credited with N1,000 airtime. I was happy. EmptyHen was in TROUBLE with this promo. I would get as much airtime as possible from them before it ended. I continued dialing until I had received a total of N40,000 in airtime. Oh; what a happy day! I was in jubilation and I wanted to do more. But before I could proceed, I received an SMS that shocked me to my bones. It said, “You have successfully purchased your airtime through your Gidigba Bank account.”

I Don Get Alert!

Shortly after that, I received alerts from Gidigba Bank. In short, a total sum of N40,000 had been debited from my account! Yeee!! Mogbe O!!! My body system has not been the same since then. Now, I agree that true true, awoof dey purge bele. I don dey purge now since morning oooo….

E ma gba mi ke!!! Wetin I wan take N40,000 airtime do now?


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4 thoughts on “Airtime Promo Gone Bad: Awoof dey run bele!!!”
  1. Na to begin sell airtime na. Put signboard in from of you’re home/office. The gods just smiled on you with a business opportunity

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