Advertisement I received an SMS from MTN that said, “…Get 4.5GB Data for only N2,500 to browse, chat, download all day, all night. Text 120

Alert! MTN 4.5GB Smartphone Bundle is the same as MTN Night Plan



I received an SMS from MTN that said, “…Get 4.5GB Data for only N2,500 to browse, chat, download all day, all night. Text 120 to 131 to activate.” I called MTN Nigeria Customer Care to confirm that this isn’t their night plan in disguise. “No,” the guy said. He assured me that I can use the 4.5GB 24/7.

So I loaded airtime and activated the plan, only for me to get a shocker… “Y’ello! Welcome to MTN Smartphone Bundle. You have 4.5GB (1.5GB Day & 3GB Night) valid for 30 days..” That was the SMS I got in response to activation. Turned out it is the same night plan that MTN is pushing out codedly!


I’ve been taken for a ride by MTN. Stay clear of the “120 to 131 4.5GB data plan being advertised by MTN. #CORPORATE419.

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  2. The previous plan is: use/exhaust 1.5GB data before you touch the 3GB
    The new plan: 1.5 in the day, 3 in the night

    There’s a bit of difference

  3. Somebody has attempted to distinguish between the new and old…


    [For old package, you are billed from the 1.5gb both day and night until you exhaust it.then you are left with 3gb to be usage btw 9pm to 6am

    But now…you get billed from 1.5gb during the day and by 9pm it switches to 3gb

  4. There is no difference between the two. ….this is 2am mtn continue billing me from my 1.5gb. Y’ello, your data bundle balance is 2.99GB, expires: 18/Dec/2014 20:17. you have 1.37GB of your additional data bundle, expires: 18/Dec/2014 12:00. You will be charged bundle rate at data bundle exhaustion with subscription validity. Corporate 419 indeed.

  5. @Ebunmma: I think you might need to turn OFF your data and ON it again when when your time hits 9pm so that we can be able to establish your point. Interesting point though.

  6. Someone need to properly confirm this new MTN data plan and give us a single stand, if there is different from the previous night plan or not.
    102 to 131
    120 to 131

  7. The arguments about whether it’s different from the night plan or not doesn’t really hold water. I did call customer care to clarify issues before I subscribed & wasn’t told it works like this. If a telco’s CCU doesn’t have accurate info on her plans & offerings… Whose fault is that? This is a deliberate attempt to mislead subscribers. Half truths & outright lies are like a Siamese twins…

  8. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE. Its was 10:30 pm when I downloaded a 573MB file, I was billed from the 1.5GB day plan and not the 3GB night plan. I sent customer care an email but they haven’t replied.

  9. Hello all. For those interested in this plan, I discovered that deductions is now been made from the 3gb night plan at night. Not sure exactly when though as I wasn’t looking out for it. I’ve just updated the iOS version on my iPad and the 800+mb was deducted from the night plan while the remaining 500+mb from the day remains intact.

  10. Which subscription code did you use @ Frederic Akinrele, is it 102 to 131 or
    120 to 131. Pls reply asap.

  11. Yes I totally I agree that you should stay off this plan if you’ve been doing the night plan before. I just made the mistake and my previous accumulated data wasn’t rolled over. I nearly cried. 5gig gone!!

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