Mobility Nigeria introduces Mobile Phone Trade-in/Upgrade Services

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For mobile phone enthusiasts and others who simply love to keep up with the times, trading in a phone is probably the most economical way to do this.

I have used over 32 different phones since GSM arrived on our shores years ago, and trading in an existing phone for a newer model has made it convenient for me.

In more established climes, network operators often let subscribers pick phone models at subsidised rates when they sign up for a mobile contract. Then there is the option to upgrade the selected phone when the contract is renewed.

While this practice has not taken root here, phone users can still enjoy phone upgrade services via trade-in. In other words, you can now upgrade your phone once a year by trading in your existing handset for a newer model.

The Mobility Nigeria phone store offers an excellent mobile phone trade-in service. This is in addition to other unique benefits.

The package is unmatched yet in the mobile industry in Nigeria, and you really should check it out if you change your phone at least once a year.

The phone store is entirely an online operation and the service is delivery only. As such, we do not have an open store for customers to walk in and make purchases from.

Visit the phone store to purchase your phone today.

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