All hail the BlackBerry 7 browser – beats iOS, Android browsers

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The new BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 browser has been put to the test against the iPhone 4, Google Nexus One, Nexus S and Blackberry Torch 9800 browsers – and what do you know – it trounced them all.

Here’s a picture of the slide. Its a little blurry though.

Time to welcome the Blackberry browser into the club of elite mobile browsers; right?

Read the full report at BlackBerry 7 browser performance is faster than the iPhone, Android


  1. Interesting -that the Symbian Browser was not included in the test. Looks like Symbian is really oib its deathbed…

    If I owned a blackberry, I would have loved to seehow the BB Browser stacks up against the Opera mini / UC Mobile – as regards data compression..

    It would be am interesting exercise….


    If the other phone manufacturers would license / partner with a company like Opera Inc, we may get to enjoy their (Opera’s) superb compression technology – not just through using the Opera Browsers – but throughout any request for internet data packets – like with Blackberry.

    That way, Blackberry can have some REAL competition (at least as regards data parsimony!)

    Android surely needs the Opera data-crunching technology. Food for thought..

  2. I agree with eyebeekay on the need for android working on their web browser esp for those on data budget or with slow internet connection. I use opera mini on my sgs once my internet signal drops to edge/gprs to sustain faster speed.

  3. @belushi That’s also my experience with the android. I always change over to oPera mini once the GPRS level drops. The browsers on those phones are not designed with Nigerian factor in mind. But with blackberry, the case may be different because they are known for superb data compression.

  4. RIM has done a great job comparing it themselves.

    Cant wait for the phone to be available and the browser tested in real life usage against other platform browsers.

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