The only account that matters is your bank account

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From the days of long ago when Nokia was king, the only manufacturer account I had was a Nokia account. Life was easy. Then I had to get a BlackBerry account, because BBM; and then an Apple account. I don’t remember at what point I got a Microsoft account, but I did. But eventually, at some point, I stopped bothering with new accounts going forward.

mi account

At last count, there was a deluge of manufacturer services out there besides the ones I already mentioned. They include: HTC account, Samsung account, Inn account, Mi account, ASUS account, Boom account, and X account, among several others.

Almost every manufacturer now has a branded service that they require you to create a personal account to access. I am all for building brand loyalty and user communities. It is swell if a manufacturer offers its users access to cloud storage, media services, wallpapers and themes via a user account. No biggie.

This account thing becomes downright unacceptable when a manufacturer requires you to signup and login to be able to get access to software updates. What?! They must be freaking mad. If a manufacturer requires me to have an account to get the device’s software updated, they are doing it wrong and I will vote against the silliness with my money.

The truth is, I really don’t want to create any more accounts. I have tons of them already. Life doesn’t have to be this complicated and overwhelming. See, as Gbenro has said, the only account that matters is my bank account. Everything else can shift.


  1. It is the era of the Data Harvesters. I have no bothered to take a look at the Microsoft Office offering on Android because it insists that I create some account to make use of a darned app! No, thanks.

    . the only account that matters is my bank account.

    On the money;

  2. This happens because everyone wants to be in control of their own ecosystem that you want to access.

  3. Microsoft Word sync with One Drive, One Note n Cortana from PC to (Any) Phone except Basic Phones so it is acceptable at least for me, Any company besides Microsoft, Google and Apple asking for accounts is unnecessary.

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