Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft’s smartphone operating system, is dead and history. Here are all the devices that used the platform.

All Windows 10 Mobile smartphones ever made

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Windows Phone is dead. That includes its latest iteration, Windows 10 Mobile. After Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft developed Windows 10 Mobile as an OS that merges PC and mobile. While the platform failed to garner momentum and solid marketshare in the smartphone space, quite a number of interesting smartphones shipped with it. We present to you our list of All Windows 10 Mobile smartphones ever made.

All Windows 10 Mobile smartphones

All Windows 10 Mobile smartphones

Here is the exhaustive list of all Windows 10 Mobile smartphones ever manufactured. The list does not cover Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones that were upgraded to Windows 10. The below mobile phones shipped with the OS.

  1. Lumia 950. Released in November 2015. Microsoft Lumia 950 Specifications / Lumia 950 Review / Using the Lumia 950 one year after
  2. Lumia 950 XL. Released in November 2015. Lumia 950 XL Specs
  3. Lumia 550. Released in November 2015. Lumia 550 Specs
  4. Acer Liquid M320. Released in November 2015. Acer Liquid M320 Specs
  5. Acer Liquid M330. Released in November 2015. Acer Liquid M330 Specs
  6. Lumia 650. Released in February 2016. Lumia 650 Specs
  7. Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL. Released in February 2016.
  8. VIAO Phone Biz. Released in March 2016. VIAO Phone Biz Specs
  9. Acer Liquid Jade Primo. Released in April 2016. Here’s the Acer Jade Primo turning into a PC wirelessly
  10. HP Elite x3. Released in August 2016. HP Elite x3 Specs
  11. MCJ Madosma Q601. Released in 2016
  12. Trinity NuAns Neo. Released in 2016
  13. Alcatel Idol 4s Windows. Released in September 2016. Alcatel IDOL 4S Windows 10 Specs
  14. Lenovo Softbank 503LV. Released in Q4 2016. Specs
  15. Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro. released in August 2017. Specs
  16. Wileyfox Pro. Released in December 2017. Specs

There you have it – all 16 Windows 10 Mobile phones ever made. Did you see some of those exotic brands on the list?

As at the time of publishing this, Microsoft has said they are not making any more Lumias and it does not look like anyone else is interested in making any new Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. Why should anyone be? Microsoft isn’t developing the platform any more.

The End

So it is safe to say that these 14 are all the Windows 10 Mobile smartphones that will ever be made. The train has reached its final terminal. Did you own any of these? Have you ever seen any of them with anyone? Adieu Windows 10 Mobile.

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