Here are four (4) alternative app stores on Android

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Bored of using Google Play Store? Or do you have one of those smartphones that do not come with Google Play installed? Have a look at these 3rd party Android app stores:

App Stores

1. Amazon App Store

Amazon has been around for a while now, duplicating some of Google’s services including having an App store which has some cool apps. It has a sizable number of apps though not as numerous as those found on Google Play Store. On the Amazon store, you are sure of getting safe and secure apps for your Android device.
They also offer 1 paid app for free on a daily basis. More reasons why you should check it out frequently. Click here to download it.

2. Getjar

Right from the days of Nokia Java phones and Symbian OS, Getjar has a good collection of apps, and we can also say the same for their Android apps collection. The app store uses its own currency different from Google Play.

Getjar takes loyalty into consideration so if you spend money on this store, you are bound to get even better apps and games for lesser price or completely free. Download it here

3. 1mobile Market

Boasts as the biggest collection of Android apps and games. With about 800,000 apps on offer, this store aims to impress everyone. With a large number of apps hosted, there is a chance that a few bogus ones will seep through. Still the robust collection of apps will keep you occupied for a long time.

There are thousands of great apps and games on this store. It is great for they that love shuffling between apps. Download it from here

4. Mobo Market
Also known as Moborobo has a huge collection of nice Android apps. You also have the option of downloading it’s PC manager for your Android device, you can backup and restore your contacts, messages, apps and other nifty features. Download it from here.

Final Words
Its good practice to read the app permissions before installing them, so know where the apps have access to. The thing with Play Store alternatives is that not every app is/can be tested, hence there is a big chance of getting a rogue malware ridden app. If you have any doubts about any app, skip it, and in time, you would be able to decipher rogue apps from far away.

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