Am I confidently recommending Windowsphone above other OS?

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In the last couple of days, a lot of my tweets on Twitter have revolved around the HTC HD7 that I am currently reviewing and the Windowsphone 7 mobile OS that it runs on.

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Here is a quick rundown of some of my most recent tweets:

When it comes to multimedia, the #NokiaN8 is hard to beat. Music & camera on the #HD7 don’t stand a chance!

Actually, its hard to be impressed with music and camera on most other phones once you’ve used the #NokiaN8. Very hard.

Keyboard on HTC HD7 is good, but eats up so much of the display! That’s probably why its good too.

Everyone who has seen the #Windowsphone user interface has loved it. Somehow, everyone appreciates simplicity. Uncluttered is the word.

Having used #WP7, it feels sort of painful to return to anything else, be it #iOS, #Android, #Symbian, #Bada or #WebOS.

I was a #WindowsMobile fan for its versatility. #Windowsphone has made a fan out of me because of its simplicity and elegance. Crazy world!

Who wants my #NokiaN900 for just N55,000? Holla. I’m off to get me a #Windowsphone.

Finally, someone asked me, “@mobilitynigeria Are you confidently recommending #Windowsphone above other OS?

The beauty of not being a loyalist or fanboy to any mobile OS is that I can see the pros and the cons of a platform more clearly than most can – and can speak about both sides of the platform in the same breath. It doesn’t matter how much of the features of an OS or device I find intriguing, I don’t close my eyes to its faults and shortcomings. I don’t live in any fool’s paradise.

There is no one-size-fits-all to mobile devices and OSes. People’s needs per time differ. From what I see of the smartphone market today, we have a mashup of different OSes with different strengths and weaknesses. Not one can be rightly said to be superior to others. What we have are devices and platforms that are superior in one way and passable, good or ho-hum in others. The aspect ratios differ, but that’s pretty much the picture.

If you want an OS that does everything (even if does not always do them well or look appealing), you know where to look. If you want an OS with a legion of apps at your finger-tips, you know where to look. If what you are after is openness, there’s an OS for that too. If you want a tight messaging, social networking and instant messaging integration, there’s an OS for that.

You will find the above in varying shades, and if you will look for what meets your needs, you’ll do just fine. So, back to Windowsphone and the question that I was asked.

My answer: Nope. I am confidently recommending the Windowsphone user interface above others. Other aspects of Windowsphone are lacking.

Here is my recommendation for Windowsphone 7

If what stimulates your hormones is a user interface that is simple, clean, sweet, uncluttered and elegant on an OS that does its job buttery smooth (and you can live with the other limitations of the OS), then Windowsphone 7 is second to none. For now.

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  1. …Very well said and nicely put.I would want second your notion and indeed a fact at that.Windows Mobile OS rocks(if I am permitted to use that slang ) and I truly suppose every one should follow suit.I am saying this based on the fact that I have used phones of all kinds and with various OSes and have found the WinMo (Windowsphone ) OS very unique and uptimally very “functional”…I rightly say a big support to your opinion,and yet again a fact.

  2. Actually, its hard to be impressed with music and camera on most other phones once you’ve used the #NokiaN8. Very hard

    actually, the music player on d n8 is crap… very cool camera though

  3. Telneting,

    How is the N8’s music player crap? The music player on my N8 rocks and the device delivers the best audio quality I have experienced on a mobile.

  4. I agree, the sound quality of the n8 is great. It even has Dolby Surround so it feels like you are in a movie theater when watching a movie with your headset. Playing music is also great. The only thing is it lacks an equalizer you can adjust manually but it’s not a big deal.

    @ Telneting,
    Maybe you are using a crap headset? Or you are probably putting MP3s with crap quality on your device. Cheers!

  5. Verily verily I saw unto you,
    By the time WP7 gets all these updates it will pull a lot of faithfuls from iOS (because of limitations) and Android (because of fragmentation).

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