Amazon has Kindled a weak Fire

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Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s Kindle tablet may have sold well, but it does not look like that feat is going to be replicated with the Fire phone. Reports have it that the Fire Phone may not have exceeded sales of 35,000 devices in its first 25 days on the market.

So, people want the Kindle but not the Fire. It must be a very strange world that we live in. But then, perhaps there isn’t much to wonder at. As a smartphone, the Fire Phone offers nothing distinct or particularly innovative from the consumer standpoint. It also has Google services stripped out of the OS. Despite these, the phone is priced like a top flagship.

In my opinion, Amazon should be pursuing the Innjoo model – selling the Fire Phone as close to cost as possible and generating income via Amazon services and sales of content – movies, TV shows, songs, books, audiobooks and magazines. Perhaps Amazon will yet go that route. This Apple-like model isn’t working for them. Instead, it has Kindled a very weak Fire.

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  1. What Jeff Bezos Seemed To Get Wrong In This Misadventure Is The Fact That People Already Own Their Smartphones.They Won’t Necessarily Jump Into Your Fire Because Of Your Service… After All, People Were Already Taking Advantage Of Your Services, Nicely, With Their Existing Smartphone.

    It Makes Things Worse When Your Devices Offer No Competitive Advantage, While Simultaneously Being High_End.

    But Then, Amazon, Jeff, Is Probably Big Enough To Turn A Lemon Into A Lemonade, Somehow…

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