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Another mobile browser?! Yes; another mobile browser – this time, from Amazon. And so, we have another browser to add to the now countless number of mobile browsers available for Android smartphones.

Amazon’s new browser, named “Internet” is a “lite” app, offering the most basic of features, and is initially available only in India. Yes; that is where most lite apps get released first.

The new browser is very lightweight, weighing under 2MB. That is extremely lightweight.

For Privacy Too

Amazon is pushing it as a privacy-centric browser, saying that it doesn’t ask for extra permissions or collect your private data like other browsers. There’s private browsing and support for tabs as well.

It also offers a news feed in the homepage.

If you are tired of the heavier, more featured browsers, you can give Amazon Internet a spin. It hasn’t kicked off to a great start though. At the moment, it has recorded less than 500 downloads.

It is expected that Amazon will extend availability beyond India to other emerging markets as soon as possible.

Amazon Internet will run on smartphones running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.

Download Amazon Internet Browser

If you are in India or have a VPN that can give you access, you can download the new Amazon browser HERE.


  1. I’m Not interested in using vpn, let the app be open to us, then we’ll download and test.

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