Amazon wants to get back in mobile: Here’s their new plan

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The Amazon we know started out as an eBook service, before branching out to various franchises. One of such was the release of the Fire smartphone last year. In truth, the device suffered abysmal sales and the company shut it down, writing off the hardware division and sacking the engineers who worked on the device.

Ammazon fire

This new year, Amazon is sizing up a new strategy. As reported by The Information and Ars Technica:

Amazon has discussed working with phone brands at a “factory level” to integrate its services with devices in a deeper way than simply preloading apps as it currently does with some companies, says one person familiar with Amazon’s thinking. This would help Amazon gain a measure of influence over Android smartphone software, which is owned by a competitor, Google.

This basically involves making new deals with manufacturers to deeply integrate Amazon services into their devices. Conversely, this might be conflicting with the agreement Google already has in place with handset manufacturers. Let’s see how this venture turns out.

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